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Housing Welcome Packet

Welcome Packet

New Owner Letter (Download PDF) | (Spanish PDF)
Instructions for Housing Registration English (Download PDF)
Instructions for Housing Registration Spanish (Download PDF)
| (Spanish PDF)Housing Registration Form English (Downloadable version)
Housing Registration Form Spanish (Downloadable version)
Housing Registration English/Spanish (Electronic Form)
Code Summary/Fee Schedule (Download PDF) | (Spanish PDF)



Housing Renewal Form
Abandoned Property Registration/Inquiry
Instructions for Housing Registration (Download PDF)| (Spanish PDF)
Housing Registration English/Spanish
New Owner Letter (Download PDF) | (Spanish PDF)
Property Maintenance Code Summary (Download PDF) | (Spanish PDF)
Responsible Local Agent Form (Download PDF) | (Spanish PDF)



Certificate of Transfer Application
Pre-Settlement Health & Safety Inspection Application
Housing Registration



Health Permit Application
Event Vendor Health Permit Application
Vendor Health Permit Application
Laundromat / Laundry Facility Health Permit Application
Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application
Sidewalk Sale Permit Application
Tattoo / Piercing Establishment Health Permit Application
Vending Machine Permit Application
Keeping Of Exotic Animal, Domestic Agricultural Animal or Native Wildlife Animal Permit Application
Keeping Of Six Or More Dogs And Cats Permit Application


Inspections and Cancellations

Instructions for Rehabilitation Application (Download PDF) | (Spanish PDF)
Rehabilitation Agreement Application
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Standards Act
COVID-19 Health & Safety Acknowledgment Form
Inspection Cancellation and Rescheduling Form


Quality of Life

QOL Summary
QOL Summary Espanol
QOL Violations


Miscellaneous Forms

Change of Address Form
Appeal Form
Customer Satisfaction Survey