Berks County Convention Center Authority

Mission: To oversee the operation of the Santander Center and Santander Performing Arts Center.

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of every other Month 7:00 a.m. Santander Arena - CEI Lounge

Chuck Phillips, Solicitor

Joint authority with the County, incorporated with the State August 29, 1996, City members approved by Bill No. 16-96, June 24, 1996 and County members approved by Ordinance No. 2-96, June 20, 1996.

  7 Members 4 Year Term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
P. Michael Ehlerman (County) 6/20/1996 07/01/2016 08/29/2020
Isreal Gonzalez (City) 11/13/2018   08/29/2020
Michele Richards (County) 03/02/2017   08/29/2019
Michael Fiucci (City) 04/17/2000 07/22/2019 08/29/2023
John Ernesto (County) 08/22/2002 08/28/2014 08/29/2018
Vacant (City)      
Michael Gombar Jr (City) 01/09/2017 09/14/2020 08/29/2022


City Revitalization And Improvement Zone Authority (CRIZ)


Mission: the purposes, powers, and rights, as provided by Article XVIII-C of House Bill No. 465,Session of 2013, including, but not limited to the designation of revitalization and improvement zones in the City, engaging in and financing the construction, including related site preparation and infrastructure, reconstruction or renovation of facilities within such revitalization and improvement zones, for purposes of taking any and all actions and performing any and all duties authorized by a Contracting Authority as defined in and authorized by Article XVIII-C of House Bill No. 465, Session of 2013, and shall have all the purposes, powers, and rights as provided by the Municipality Authorities Act

Liaison CD Director:  610-655-6211

Created by Bill 59-2013, November 12, 2013

Council 11 Members 5 Year Term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration


Downtown Improvement District

Mission: To provide business improvements and administrative services.

Meetings: 4th Monday of the month 12 p.m. 645 Penn St 1st Floor

Liaison: DID Executive Director 610-376-6424

Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, P.L. 382, Bill No. 134-94, January 11, 1995.

  7 Members 5 Year Term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Charles Broad, Exec Dir      
Rodney Ridley 08/10/2020   01/01/2024
Catherine Montano 07/14/2014 05/11/2020 01/01/2024
James King 07/27/2020   01/01/2025
James Cinelli 09/17/2018   01/01/2023
Richard McDougall 09/28/2009 05/11/2020 01/01/2025
Laura Cooper 06/09/2014   01/01/2019
Daniel Laws Jr 09/23/2013 04/10/2017 01/01/2020
Council Liason - Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz   02/10/2020 02/10/2022
Council Liason - Lucine Sihelnik 02/10/2020   02/10/2022


Local Redevelopment Authority

The United States Department of Defense announced plans to close federally-owned military installations under the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC). Included on this list was the Navy Marine Center located on Kenhorst Boulevard in the City of Reading. To address the BRAC process, a Local Redevelopment Authority was formed by the City of Reading City Council. The Reading LRA serves as the primary link between the Department of Defense, the current installation, the Reading community, and the Federal and State agencies responsible for all base closure matters. The Reading LRA's main responsibility is "identifying local redevelopment needs and preparing a redevelopment plan for the Military Department to consider in the disposal of the installation property."

Meetings: as necessary

Linda Kelleher, 610-655-6204

Created by Bill 39-2008; amended by 14-2009

  7 Members 5 Year term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Council President - Jeffrey Waltman 01/27/2016 02/10/2020 02/10/2022
District 1 Councilor - Lucine Sihelnik 02/12/2018 02/10/2020 02/12/2020
District 4 Councilor - Stratton Marmarou 05/27/2008 02/12/2020 02/10/2022
Redevelopment Authority Rep - Stacey Keppen      
Planning Commission Rep - Ermete Raphaelli 05/27/2008 06/08/2012 05/27/2017
Mayor Rep - Vacant 05/27/2008   05/27/2013
Mayor Rep - Vacant      
County Administrator - Ad Hoc      


Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA)

Mission: To operate and maintain the regional water system of the City of Reading in a manner which assures an adequate and safe drinking water supply to the residential and business customers of the Water System; to maintain through an on going capital improvement program so that rates can remain reasonable and so that no large rate increases are required in the future; and to cooperate with the City of Reading to maximize the benefits of the Water System to the city and its residents and taxpayers.

Meetings: 3rd Tues of the month 4:00 p.m. 1801 Kutztown Road

Liaison: Suzanne Ruotolo, 610-406-6300

Created May 5, 1994 Act of Assembly approved May 2, 1945 P.L. 382, Bill No. 46-94. Amended to seven members January 2015.

Term: One member per year - all terms expire 1/1

  7 Members 5 Year Term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Richard Carpenter 05/11/2020   01/01/2025
Steven McCracken 10/24/2016 05/11/2020 01/01/2023
Cecile Grimshaw 11/13/2017   01/01/2022
Philip Dougherty 04/09/2018   01/01/2023
Jamal Abodalo 05/11/2020   01/01/2024
Daniel Luckey 08/24/2020   01/01/2026
Earl Lucas 06/08/2020   01/01/2025


Reading Housing Authority

Mission: To provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing.

Meetings: 4th Tues of the Month 4 p.m Workshop @ 5 p.m. Meeting WC Bldg

Liaison: Mya Hornberger, 610-775-4813

35 P.S. Sec. 1550, Powers of an Authority 37125 35 P.S. Sec. 1550 Purdonis Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes annotated.

  5 Members 5 Year term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Ineavelle Ruiz 05/11/2020   12/31/2025
Rev. Steve Belinski 7/13/1983 10/26/2015 12/31/2020
Lorena Keely 11/23/2015 04/13/2020 12/31/2023
Myra Maldonado 05/11/2020   12/31/2023


Reading Parking Authority

Mission:  To build, manage, supply and supervise parking facilities within the City of Reading and maintain these facilities as clean, safe, convenient, accessible, and reasonably priced.

Meetings: 4th Wednesday of the Month at 5:30 p.m. in the Penn Room

Liaison: Executive Director, Tom MacDougall 610-655-6166; 610-655-6166 - Mahlong Boyer Solicotr

Appointment made by the Mayor Letter Act 208 of June 5, 1947, P.L. 458 as amended.

Term: One member per year - all terms expire 1/1

  5 Members 5 Year Term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Frank Denbowski 01/06/2020   12/31/2022
Maritza Colon 09/16/2020   12/31/2023
Julie Demena 01/06/2020   12/31/2025
Tim Profit 01/06/2020   12/31/2023
Daniel Laws 01/06/2020   12/31/2022


Reading Redevelopment Authority

Reading Redevelopment Authority Website

Mission: To “exist and operate for the public purposes of the elimination of blighted areas through economically and socially sound redevelopment of such areas, as provided by this act, in conformity with the comprehensive general plan of their respective municipalities for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial or other purposes, and other wise encouraging the provision of healthful homes, a decent living environment and adequate places of employment of the people of this Commonwealth.”

Meetings: Third Thursday of the Month at 5:00 p.m. Redevelopment Authority Conference Room

Liaison: Dennis Witwer, 610-655-6025

Resolutions No. 18-50 and 31-50. Letter to appoint Act 385, P.L. 991-1945

Term: One member per year - all terms expire 1/1

  5 Members 5 Year Term    
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration Remarks
Nate Rivera 09/16/2020   12/31/2022  
Wellington Santana 05/15/2019   12/31/2023  
Ernest Schlegel 03/25/2020   12/31/2025  
Goslyn Fleming 07/20/2020   12/31/2023