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October 18, 2021 - 5:00pm
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The Mayor

The Mayor directs the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the City as supervised by the Managing Director. The Mayor is responsible to execute, enforce and obey ordinances of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States of America. Prepares and presents a budget to City Council, as well as, informs City Council and the public each January of the financial and general condition of the City. Provides Council with all information concerning finances and general conditions of the City as may be requested by Council. Introduces proposed legislation to Council and makes recommendations to City Council concerning the affairs of the City.


Managing Director

The Managing Director is the chief administrative officer of the City, responsible to the Mayor for the administration of all City affairs. Executes and enforces the provisions of the City Charter and all ordinances, resolutions, and motions of City Council. Supervises the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the City, as directed by the Mayor.



City Council establishes responsible legislation for the prudent and ethical operation of the City Government, to assist in the planning of the City's revitalization and future, and to maintain free and open discussions with the City Administration and City residents to ensure democracy and good government for the City of Reading, Pennsylvania. City Council currently has four committees to closely explore City issues and successfully work towards mutual goals, these are the Finance, Audit and Budget Committee, the Nominations and Appointments Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee and the Standards of Living Committee.


City Clerk

The City Clerk serves as Director of the legislative branch, performs general oversight and coordination of the legislative action of City Council, makes recommendations to City Council on policy, regulations, practices and issues concerning the City of Reading, serves as liaison between City Council and other officials, acts as representative of Council at meetings and events when so directed by City Council, explains City Council procedures and answers questions on City Council business from the public, press and administration, and performs varied public relations activities for City Council and the City of Reading to promote City issues and initiatives.


City Auditor

The City Auditor has financial oversight of City finances, independent of the Executive and Legislative branches and reviews all expenditures of the Mayor, City Council, and City boards, Commissions and agencies. The City Auditor's Office is to conduct performance and financial audits and studies which provide insight into City departments and their programs. These aim to improve the process of establishing City programs, evaluating their performance, providing the City Council and the Administration with appropriate information and making any necessary changes to ensure that City programs are as efficient and effective as possible.


Department of Law

The Department of Law’s primary function is to provide legal counsel and guidance to all parts of the City government. The Department of Law acts as the attorney for the City and its officials and renders legal opinions and advice for the Mayor, City Council, and City departments. The Department of Law provides guidance on federal, state, and municipal laws, including the City Charter and Administrative Code.


Administrative Services

The Department of Administrative Services is responsible for the administration and functions of the Citizens Services Center, Human Resources, Finance, and Purchasing departments. It provides administrative support to all City employees for personnel matters, payroll for city employees, processing payments for City-wide purchasing, serve citizens by educating and addressing municipal questions and needs, and much more.


Community Development

The Community Development Department administrates federal grant programs for activities of infrastructure improvements, economic development, homelessness prevention and housing and planning activities. Develops and implements the City of Reading’s Housing and Economic Development strategies. It is responsible for planning, historic preservation and zoning administration and enforcement in the City. Provides permits for building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing trades; reviews building plans; provides occupancy and use permit inspections; and issues all trade licenses for contractors wanting to work in the City of Reading. Provides property maintenance code enforcement inspections for properties in order to achieve compliance with City codes and ordinances.


Fire & Rescue Services

The Department of Fire & Rescue Services provides emergency response to its citizens, and fire protection through the most efficient techniques. In addition, provides vehicular and technical rescue services, sees to the mitigation of hazardous situations and assists EMS with the First Responder Program.



The mission of the Police Department includes the protection of life and property, resolution of conflicts, and provision for a feeling of security in the community. The Department also endeavors to reduce the opportunities for the commission of crime through prevention strategies and identification, apprehension, and prosecution of offenders, as well as the preservation of the peace in the City of Reading.


Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all City streets, bridges, sidewalks and medians in public rights of way, as well as, City owned buildings, storm water and waste water sewers. Traffic safety and signage including a comprehensive traffic signal and signing network and pavement markings such as crosswalks and lane striping. Design of public works projects and review of related construction including general permits and inspections for encroachments on public right-of-way. The maintenance and repair of all City motorized equipment. The collection and disposal of solid waste and recycling.



An authority is an independent agency of the Commonwealth; a public corporation engaged in the administration of civil government. An authority can be a financing agent for a capital project, an operating entity or both. Authorities finance a significant share of local capital improvements. The city of Reading authorities include: revitalization and improvement zone, water, parking, airport, housing, redevelopment, downtown improvement, and convention center.


Boards & Commissions

City Council shall encourage the participation of citizens in their government through the establishment of boards and commissions to carry out City business. Boards and commissions shall be established by ordinance including a clear statement of whether they shall be advisory in nature or they shall have power and authority under City ordinance or state or federal code.


Reading Public Library

The Reading Public Library is the main public library of the City of Reading, Pennsylvania and the district library center of Berks County. RPL’s services and collections serve the City of Reading, its suburbs, greater Berks County, and beyond.