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City of Reading




Are you interested in serving on one of the City’s Boards, Authorities or Commissions? If so, please fill out an application form or call the City Clerk’s office at 610-655-6204 and submit it to the City Clerk’s office, located in room 2-21 in City Hall.

Some appointments are made with the approval of Council alone and some require the Mayor’s recommendation before Council approval. After the Clerk’s office receives your application, it will be forwarded to either the Mayor or to the Nominations and Appointments Committee. During the Nominations and Appointments Committee meeting, applicants are asked to come in for a brief interview. The Committee then makes recommendations to the full body of Council based on the application and interview. Council acts on those recommendations at their next business meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Reading has many opportunities for residents to be involved in decisions made by their local government.  Four boards, authorities, and commissions (BACs) are highlighted below along with a comprehensive list of all openings on City BACs.

Do you live in one of the City’s historic districts?  Or want to help preserve the City’s historical architecture?  The Reading Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) works to protect areas, buildings and structures which reflect the cultural, social, and architectural history of the City, awaken an interest in the City’s historic past, foster civic pride in the architectural, historical, cultural and educational accomplishments of Reading, promotes the use and reuse of the historic areas, buildings and structures, which will enhance the City's attractiveness to visitors, encourage new buildings and developments that are harmonious with existing historic and architecturally important buildings, and actively participates in the National Register of Historic Places program.

Are you interested in how local government works?  Become a member of the Citizens Initiative Commission.  This Commission will communicate between government and residents on policies and issues related to neighborhood quality of life and will assist in an advisory capacity with other community issues by recommending policy changes, legislative recommendations, and operational improvements.  The Committee will then assist with educating the general public on the mechanics of City government and major issues being addressed by City government. 

Are you a heating/air conditioning professional?  The HVAC Board reviews the City’s heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance, and permit requirements. 



Plumbing Board  1 openings
 HVAC Board 1openings
 Zoning Hearing Board 1 alternate opening
 Fire Civil Service Board   1 opening 
 Historical Architectural   3 openings – 1 resident of the Callowhill District, 1 resident of the Prince District, 1resident of the Penn’s Commons District, 1 trades professional,
Library Board 1 openings
Board of Health  1
Board Of Ethics 3 opening
Bldg/Fire Code Board of Appeals   1 alternate openings – building and trades experience needed
Animal Control Board  3 openings
Charter Board  2 openings 
Code & License Appeals Board  2 opening – must own a business in Reading 
Electrician’s Examining Board                2 opening
Equal Business Opportunity Adv Bd       2 openings – must be a minority business owner, a procurement professional, or a City resident 
Citizens Initiative Committee  10 openings 
Pagoda Foundation 2 openings 
Conversion Therapy Mental Health Services Board 3 openings 
Reading Redevelpment Authority 1 opening
Water Authority 0 opening
Parking Authority 1 opening
Planning Comission 2 openings
Shade Tree Commission 2 openings
Blighted Property Review Commission 2 openings
Human Relations Commission      2 opening
Youth Commission (age 14 – 22) 7openings
Housing Authority 1 opening
Stadium Commission 1 opening
Housing Authority 1 opening
Police Civil Service Board 1 opening
Environmental Advisory Council 1 opening
Diversity Board 3 openings
Water Authority 1 opening
Redevelopment Authority 1 opening


















































 All interested citizens should complete the BAC application form found on the City’s website – – and return it to the City Clerk’s office, 815 Washington St, Reading, PA 19601. For additional information, please call the City Clerk’s office at 610-655-6204 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..