Boards & Commissions

Animal Control Board

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

City Hall Penn Room


Members Attending: R. Rosato, President, H. Brown, Vice President, Dennis Straub


Others Attending: S. Katzenmoyer, Deputy City Clerk


Call to Order

Ms. Katzenmoyer called the meeting to order at 6:14 pm.


Mr. Brown explained that Ms. McCauley could not attend due to pressing issues at the Animal Rescue League.


Mr. Rosato explained that Dr. Crawford was not feeling well and would not be able to attend. A quorum was not present.

Public Comment

There were no members of the public present.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes cannot be approved without a quorum. Action will be taken at the next meeting.


Administrative Matters

  • Proposed Secretary

None of the members present expressed a willingness to keep the record.


Ms. Katzenmoyer stated that she was willing to continue attending meetings to keep the record. The members present supported this approach.


Animal Control Agency Report

Mr. Brown reported that things have been fairly quiet in Reading.


Mr. Rosato questioned why Mr. Brown believed it was quiet. Mr. Brown stated that the weather has been cold and that could be contributing. He stated that three Code Blues have been called thus far this winter.


Mr. Rosato questioned the situation in the cat room. Mr. Brown stated that the animals are improving. He explained that there were upper respiratory issues.


Mr. Rosato questioned if the older cats were immune to the illness. Mr. Brown stated that, like humans, it is unpredictable who will catch an illness.

Mr. Straub questioned if adoptions increase during the holiday season. Mr. Brown stated that they did and that it was a great season.


Mr. Straub questioned if many of the adoptions were returned. Mr. Brown stated that adoptions are generally not returned but that those who purchase animals elsewhere begin to bring them in after they realize they cannot care for them. He stated that he calls it the “gift” time between the end of January through mid-March.


Mr. Rosato stated that someone turned three puppies into the animal hospital because they could not care for them.


Old Business



New Business


Ms. Katzenmoyer reported that the City has one active permit for an exotic pet (ostriches at First Energy Stadium) and one active permit for a resident with more than six cats/dogs (1 cat, 6 dogs).


Mr. Rosato questioned if the resident with seven pets is able to care for them properly. Ms. Katzenmoyer explained that the ARL does a site visit to ensure they are cared for properly. Mr. Brown agreed and stated that they are caring for these animals properly and that they also are in compliance with their rabies shots.


Next Meeting

Ms. Katzenmoyer stated that she will work with Ms. McCauley to schedule the next meeting.



The meeting adjourned at 6:24 p.m.


Respectfully submitted Shelly Katzenmoyer Deputy City Clerk