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WWTP Schematics

The WWTP is located on Fritz Island, near the Cumru Township/Reading City boundary in Berks County, Pennsylvania and has a permitted hydraulic capacity of 28.5 MGD (Average Daily Flow) and 42.75 MGD (Maximum Monthly Flow) with discharge to the Schuylkill River.

The wastewater treatment plant tributary flow diagram for how wastewater from the City and contributing municipalities enters the collection system and arrives at the WWTP is shown below in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Reading WWTP Tributary Flow Schematic

wwtp figure 1

An aerial photograph of the existing WWTP in Figure 2 shows the current layout of the treatment units on Fritz Island to better help put the existing plant in perspective.

Figure 2. Reading Existing WWTP Aerial View


The existing WWTP’s liquid and solids process flow schematics follow in Figures 3 and 4 respectively. Please note that the new facilities will be located at the present location on Fritz Island and current wastewater operations must be maintained to provide effective treatment until new units become operational. Reading has made and continues to make interim operational and maintenance improvements in order to meet the current permit limits with the existing facilities while evaluations were being conducted to determine the future course of action to ensure long-term permit compliance with anticipated future capacity and permit limits. It is critical to continue to maintain permit compliance during the design, permitting, and construction process. Construction phasing is paramount in the planning process in order to achieve this goal.

Figure 3. Reading WWTP Liquid Process Flow Schematic


Figure 4. Reading WWTP Solids Process Flow Schematic


wwtp figure 4





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