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Type in any material to learn whether to toss it or recycle it. Learn what to do with special items like TVs, tires, and mattresses. You can even sign up to receive updates on collection schedule changes and events!




Make sure your recyclable materials are Empty, Clean and Dry.This is essential to keep costs down and avoid having your recycling end up in the landfill.


Only place Big 5 materials in your curbside recycling container – trash mixed in with recycling may contaminate everything in the bin, and contributes to the increased cost of recycling. When in doubt, throw it out!


Residents should place recyclables curbside in a recycling container provided by the City. Clear, closed plastic bags can be used as a last resort for additional needs or if no container is available. When available, the city can provide 1 recycling container per household. To obtain a recycling bin, please use the iRequest system (websiteAndroidiOS) or call the Citizens Service Center at 1-877-727-3234.




The most common problem materials include plastic bags, garden hoses, and wiring.These materials can get can get tangled in the sorting machinery causing damage, safety concerns, and delays. Other common trash items found in recycling include Styrofoam, dirty cardboard (pizza boxes), and broken glass.


Never include potentially hazardous waste material in your trash or recycling. Examples include propane tanks, needles, and powerful chemicals. These materials can contaminate the recycling stream, and are dangerous to workers handling the material. For more info on safe hazardous waste disposal contact Berks County Solid Waste Authority and download their flyer.




Your recycled materials are collected by the City’s recycling hauler, Republic Services, and taken to Cougle’s Recycling, Inc. Here it is sorted, processed, and prepared for shipment to manufacturers across the region to be made into new items. 


Not sure whether something belongs in the trash, recycling, or a special collection? Use the What Goes Where tool at found at the top of the page, or download the Recycle Coach app, to find the answer.