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The City of Reading envisions a clean, healthy, and prosperous future for all people who live, learn, work, and play in our community. A resilient and sustainable city prepares for and adapts to changing conditions. As a regional leader, Reading will invest in building a strong and future-looking economy, creating a healthy and cohesive society, and protecting and enhancing our natural environment.


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The City of Reading is home to an incredible amount of diversity, in both its people and its infrastructure. It is critical to respect this diversity when addressing the challenges our community faces. In order to build a resilient future, Reading is guided by the three pillars of sustainability:


☼ Social- Improving the health, equity and quality of life for all Reading residents.

☼ Environmental- Protecting and improving Reading’s natural resources and working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution that contributes to climate change.

☼ Economic- Encouraging business and job growth within the city.


Guided by these three pillars, the City of Reading’s Climate Resiliency and Sustainable Development Plan focuses on realistic solutions to address the challenges facing Reading and many urban communities today. The City will take a leadership role and lead by example. It will encourage cooperation and partnerships throughout the community, with Berks County, and with our neighboring municipalities.

The City of Reading intends to build a sustainable city for all by engaging the residential, commercial and industrial sectors to focus on strategic action and management of six key categories: