To help celebrate the 275th Anniversary in as many ways as possible a number of sub committees are being formed. These committees are volunteer run with varying time commitment dependent on the level of involvement you are interested in. Sign up to join one of the committees below and join us in planning a year full of celebrations!  




Quantity (members)

Hospitality & Sister Cities


Fundraising, Marketing & Publicity


Education (public, religious, private, higher)


Entertainment, Arts,

Literature & Sports


History, Architecture, Industrial, Fire &  Police


Conservation (mountains, rivers, parks, creeks)






March 16, 2023


275th Anniversary Steering Committee

Mayor Eddie Moran; Councilors Donna Reed and Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz; Council President Jeffery S. Waltman Sr.; Auditor Maria Rodriguez; Acting Managing Director Frank Denbowski; City Clerk Linda Kelleher; Berks County Prothonotary Jonathan DelCollo; Berks County Convention Center Authority Member Michael Fiucci; Berks Community Television Executive Director Heather Adams.

Contact information

Laura Reppert

City of Reading 275th Special Event Coordinator

815 Washington St, #2-21

Reading, Pa 19601