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Special Council Meeting Minutes 2022 Budget 10/04/21

City of Reading City Council

Special Meeting

Monday, October 4, 2021

5 pm

Virtual Meeting


Council Vice President Sihelnik called the meeting to order at 5:06 pm. She announced that the purpose of this meeting is to introduce all legislation related to the 2022 Budget and adopt a Resolution authorizing the Solicitor to request the Commuter Tax from the Court of Common Pleas.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City was forced to change their meeting format to a virtual format.  The meeting can be observed using the virtual meeting link posted on the posted agenda, by watching BCTV MAC Channel 99, by dialing the phone number listed on the posted agenda or for those without internet and dial-in access, by viewing the meeting in the Penn Room, City Hall. Normally the meetings are also posted on Facebook, however, as that site is currently not operating that option is unavailable. Public comment can be provided in writing, by telephone, by connecting with the virtual meeting app or speak in person the Zoom connection in the Penn Room by registering with the City Clerk in advance of the meeting. 



Councilor Sihelnik, District 1 - electronically

Councilor Goodman-Hinnershitz, District 2 - electronically

Councilor Ventura, District 3 – via dial in

Councilor Marmarou, District 4 – in person

Councilor Reed, District 5 - electronically

Councilor Cepeda-Freytiz, District 6 - electronically

Managing Director A. Amoros – electronically

Solicitor F. Lachat – electronically

City Clerk L. Kelleher – electronically

City Auditor M. Rodriguez – electronically

Mayor E. Moran – electronically

Finance Director J. Kelly



The City Clerk stated that there are no members of the public were registered to speak.



Council Vice President Sihelnik called Council’s attention to the agenda for this meeting, including the legislation posted on the Consent Agenda.  She inquired if any Council members objected to the agenda or to the Resolution listed on the Consent Agenda. There was no objection. The agenda and Consent Agenda were approved by acclimation.


The Solicitor explained that the Commuter Tax Resolution, if approved by the Court of Common Pleas, will exist only until the City exits from the Act 47 program.


Consent Agenda

A. Resolution 91-2021 – authoring the solicitor to petition the Court of Common Pleas to retain the Commuter Tax for 2022


Introduction of New Ordinances

Councilor Goodman-Hinnershitz read the following ordinances into the record:


A. Ordinance – 2022 Real Estate Tax Rate


B. Ordinance – 2022 Commuter Tax Rate


C. Ordinance 2022 Position Ordinance


D. Ordinance – 2022General Fund Budget


E. Ordinance – 2022 Capital Budget


F. Ordinance – adjustments to Trash/Recycling fees???


G. Ordinance – ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) Plan


The Finance Director stated that the ARPA Plan is a separate tab in the budget document.  He also stated that the trash/recycling contract expires at the end of 2021 and an RFP has been advertised.  There are predictive rates in the budget that will be refined when a recommendation for a new contract is made for Council approval.


The Mayor announced that the administration has planned two (2) public meetings about the allocation of the ARPA funds for early November at Albright College and Centro Hispano.


Council Vice President Sihelnik suggested holding a third session in the 18th Ward.


Council Comment



The meeting adjourned, on a motion by Councilor Marmarou and a second by Councilor Cepeda-Freytiz, at approximately 5:24 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Linda A. Kelleher CMC, City Clerk