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While the majority of your trash and recycling can go in your regular curbside service, the City offers additional special collection services for safe and proper disposal and recycling. This includes: BULKY ITEMS, ELECTRONIC PICKUP, TIRES, and LEAF COLLECTION.

For items not accepted by City collections, such as hazardous waste, or for drop-off recycling options, visit our page on Dropoff Recycling/Trash.

Residents participating in the City’s Curbside trash collection are allowed 1 bulky item per week. No hazardous or restricted items are allowed. Things to know:

  • Mattresses and box springs must be completely wrapped in plastic
  • No refrigerators, air conditioners, or other items containing Freon will be accepted unless they are tagged with a certified technician’s still stating they have been professionally emptied of Freon.
  • Excessively large or heavy items will not be collected. Contact a private hauler, junk removal company, or similar service for these items.
  • See the Frequently Asked Questions for a list of prohibitive items.

Residences in the City of Reading are entitled to one electronics recycling item picked up curbside per week. These items are not be picked up by your normal trash or recycling service, so residents must request this service by either using the iRequest system (website, Android, iOS) or calling the Customer Service Center at 1-877-727-3234. This service is not available for residents living in multi-family buildings with 5 or more units.

Residences in the City of Reading are entitled to the pickup of used tires at no additional cost. Tires must be from private residences – no tires from businesses are allowed. Tires must be:

  • Non-commercial passenger car, van, and light truck tires accepted
  • Tires 17” or less, with or without rims.
  • Limit 4 tires per pick-up, 12 tires per household per year.
  • Have more? Take them to the County Recycling Center.

Public Works Crews will begin picking up leaves curbside in various areas throughout the city starting in October. Loose leaves will not be picked up before the starting date.

  • Please do not put grass clippings, branches, brush or any other debris under or in the loose leaf piles. This will cause damage to the equipment.
  • The curbside collection crew may be delayed at times due to various reasons: weather conditions, equipment and personnel availability, emergencies.
  • If leaves are not raked into curb when the equipment moves through a block, the truck will not back track, however, crews will make periodic return trips through your neighborhood.
    There is not a set schedule or pattern for the curbside loose leaf collection crew that will be in your area daily.
  • The areas are slated for curbside leaf collection include: 18th Ward -South of Penn-Center City areas, Northeast-Hampden Heights areas, Hessian Camp-East Reading areas, Northwest area, Northmont-Riverdale-Glenside areas.