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Reading Police


1.The applicant must complete and return the Academy Application with all of the necessary paperwork and $50.00 non-refundable application fee by the deadline. Copies of the following documents are required:

a. Photo copy of Birth certificate

b. Photo copy of high school diploma or GED

c. Photo copy of driver's license

2. Each applicant must pass a series of psychological tests, a reading comprehension test, and an intelligence test as required by the Director of Training. The tests are administered by a psychologist. The student is responsible for paying the psychologist's fee at the time of testing .

3. The applicant must have a medical examination performed at his/her expense to certify that there is no reason why he/she would not be able to participate in an active physical fitness program. The Academy will provide the form to be completed by the examining physician and this form must be legible to the Academy Director. The form must state at the bottom in the "Remarks" section that the applicant is capable of performing in an active physical fitness program. Your physical examination shall have laboratory work completed, using current lab testing procedures - urine and/or blood screening - to determine if applicant is free from addictive or excessive use of alcohol, drugs or illegal controlled substance (CBC, SMA, UA, drug screen). You shall indicate to your examining physicians that submission of these test results along with your fully completed physical examination form is required.

4. One further note, you should be aware that as per the Rule and Regulations of the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (M.P.O.E.T.C.) that the results or your physical and psychological examination are only good for a period of six (6) months. Should you not be fortunate enough to secure a position within the current class you will most likely have to re-do the physical and psychological components for consideration in a possible future class.

5. The applicant must be at 20 years of age by the closing date of the application process.

6. Applicants must sign an authorization for the Reading Police Academy to conduct a criminal history check and background investigation.

7. Students must purchase and wear the Academy and physical fitness uniform designated by the Director of Training.




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