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Regular Council Meeting Minutes 10/25/21



City of Reading City Council
Hybrid Regular Meeting
October 25, 2021
At the conclusion of the COW Meeting


Council President Waltman called the meeting to order at approximately 7:06 pm.

Due to COVID-19, the City changed the meeting format to a hybrid format with Council attending in-person at times and others attending virtually. In addition to providing the public with the ability to observe the Council meetings virtually and via telephone and view live on the BCTV MAC Channel 99 and Facebook Live, the Committee of the Whole and Regular Meetings will be shown in the Penn Room, in the first floor of City Hall – access the Penn Room using the doors on North 8th Street only. Public comment at regular meetings can occur virtually, in writing, via telephone or in-person in the Penn Room through Zoom. The meeting agendas are posted on the City's website 3 days prior to the meeting. All agendas include the Zoom meeting information (LINK and Dial In) to easily 'click and join' the meeting. Access meeting agendas at:

The invocation was given by Pastor Randy Grossman, Grace Bible. All present pledged to the flag.


Council President Waltman - electronically
Councilor Sihelnik, District 1 - electronically
Councilor Goodman-Hinnershitz, District 2 – electronically
Councilor Ventura, District 3 – electronically
Councilor Marmarou, District 4 – in person
Councilor Reed, District 5 – electronically
Councilor Cepeda-Freytiz, District 6 – electronically
Solicitor F. Lachat – electronically
City Clerk L. Kelleher – in person
Auditor M. Rodriguez – electronically
Managing Director A. Amoros – electronically

Commendation celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Greek Bazaar at Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church

Council President Waltman announced that there are two (2) citizens registered to provide public comment on general matters. Councilor Reed read the public speaking rules approved by ordinance.

Judy Nuss, of Sinking Spring, stated that her church group held an event in Pendora Park on September 19th and there were many owners with unleased dogs in the Park creating safety issues. She also noted that chickens are causing property maintenance issues at 438 N 9th St and she asked the City to follow up.

Santiago Serrano, from Congresswoman Houlahan’s Office, highlighted the services their district office provides.

Council President Waltman called Council's attention to the agenda, including the legislation listed under the Consent Agenda Heading for this meeting and the minutes from the October 11th Regular Meeting and the meeting summaries from the COWs held on October 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th.


The minutes from the October 11th Regular Meeting, the agenda, including the legislation listed under the Consent Agenda heading, and the summations of discussion listed were approved by acclimation.

Consent Agenda
The Consent Agenda is designed to provide efficient approval of non-controversial legislation that does not require discussion/debate by giving approval via acclimation when the meeting agenda is approved. The President of Council will call Council’s attention to the list of Consent Agenda legislation at the meeting before action is taken, which allows Council to remove a piece of legislation for separate consideration.

A. Award of Contract - for the Southwest Fire Station Project to Kinsley Construction Inc. York, PA in the amount of $138,742.00

B. Award of Contract – for HVAC for the 9th and Marion Fire Station Project to Shannon A Smith, Inc., Myerstown, PA in the amount of $1,026,120.00.

C. Award of Contract - purchase of two (2) Fire Pumper Trucks for the Fire Department from Glick Fire Equipment, Bird in Hand, in the amount of $1,290,446.00

D. Resolution 95-2021 - authorizing the City to enter into an agreement with the County of Berks for consolidated Fire and EMS dispatch services for 2022 in the amount of $390,692.24 – the same rate charged in 2021

E. Resolution 96-2021 – authorizing the reservation of $31,003.50 payable to the City of Reading or the PennDOT in the event the City does not complete the sidewalk work required for the 9th and Marion fire station project, as required by the PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit

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