Reading Police


 Police Officer


*No fee applies to civil service written test only. A $25 fee applies to file application. Admission is limited to testing site seating capacity. Testing requirements are different from employment requirements. 25-mile radius residency required prior to completion of probation.



20 years 6 months at time of testing

Valid Picture Identification Required
Face Masks are Required During Exam



Written Test for 2022 Civil Service List

Date: October 23, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM (Registration will begin)
Location: Alvernia University: PLEX (Health & Wellness Center), Lecture Hall
465 Saint Bernardine Street, Reading, PA 19611






Spanish Language Testing

Successful candidates will be awarded bonus points for
Spanish Language competency.

Civil Service Process

  • Written Exam—scored onsite in front of applicant

  • File Civil Service Application ($25 fee applies)

  • Physical Fitness Test

  • Oral Interview

  • Spanish Language Test (optional)

  • Criminal Arrest Record Check

  • Complete Background Investigation

    Conditional Offer of Employment
    (Based on employment vacancies)

  • Psychological Evaluation

  • Physical Examination

city seal


City of Reading, Pennsylvania

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

The City of Reading hires police officers through a competitive Civil Service selection process which is governed by state law and local Civil Service regulations.

The entire examination process is conducted under the control and supervision of the Reading Police Civil Service Board. This board is independent of the police department and con-sists of three citizens selected by city council. The board’s function is to make certain that the testing process is fair and impartial.


Police Civil Service applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States

  • Have a high school diploma or GED

  • Be 20 years 6 months of age at time of testing

  • File an application with the Civil Service Board ($25 application fee)

  • Pass written exam

  • Pass a physical fitness test

  • Pass an oral interview

  • Pass a criminal history check

Applicants who successfully complete the Civil Service test-ing process are placed on a list of eligible candidates. This list is valid for one year. Whenever the Reading Police Department desires to hire police officers during that one-year period, candidates will be given a conditional offer of employment. This means that they are offered a police officer position conditioned on successfully completing a medical examination, psychological examination and background investigation.

Candidates who are hired to be Reading Police Officers then attend the Reading Police Academy to complete the Basic Police Training Course as prescribed (Act 120) and required by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC). Reading Police Officer Trainees receive pay and benefits while attending the police academy..



*events (in order) must pass all events*

  1. Vertical Jump

  2. 1 RM Bench Press

  3. Illinois Agility Run

  4. 300 Meter Run

  5. Push-ups

  6. 1.5 Mile Run


Vertical Jump 18 Inches 3 Attempts
1 RM Bench Press 85% Body Weight 3 Attempts
Illinois Agility Run 19.5 Seconds 2 Attempts
300-Metter Run 65 Seconds
Push–Ups 30 Repetitions (no time limit)
1.5 Mile Run 14 Minutes and 50 Seconds

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