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Reading 275th History


In March the first celebrations for Reading’s 275th Anniversary kickoff. Reading was founded in 1748 and officially incorporated as a city on March 16, 1847. The birthday week will be marked with free and ticketed events and a livestream of the proclamation ceremony from City Hall.

Reading, officially incorporated as a municipality on March 16, 1748, is located in the beautiful Schuylkill Valley of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Thomas and Richard Penn, the sons of William Penn, mapped out the first city streets (now the downtown). Reading’s geographical growth continued through the early 20th Century. The city, established as an industrial powerhouse in the mid-19th Century, was home to the Reading Railroad, once the largest corporation in the world, and remains home to Carpenter Technology Corp., a Fortune 500 company. The century-old Pagoda on Mt. Penn serves as the area’s landmark. The city has been home to a number of literary and cultural figures, as well as two minor leagues sports franchises and the 109-year-old Reading Symphony Orchestra. With a population of 95,112 (Census of 2020), Reading is now the Commonwealth’s fourth largest city and is a shining example of the nation’s melting pot, with more than 45 nationalities represented. Throughout 2023, in observation of Reading’s 275th anniversary, we will be celebrating its amazing history and its wonderful diversity.

275th Anniversary Calendar of Events and Happenings
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275th Anniversary Steering Committee

Mayor Eddie Moran; Councilors Donna Reed and Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz; Council President Jeffery S. Waltman Sr.; Auditor Maria Rodriguez; City Clerk Linda Kelleher; Berks County Prothonotary Jonathan DelCollo; Berks County Convention Center Authority Member Michael Fiucci; Berks Community Television Executive Director Heather Adams.

Contact information

Laura Reppert

City of Reading 275th Special Event Coordinator

815 Washington St, #2-21

Reading, Pa 19601