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This summary of the City of Reading Property Maintenance Code provides you with a checklist of some of the code standards Property Maintenance Inspectors will be looking at during the inspection. This is not a complete copy of the Code. The Property Maintenance Code is available here.

For questions and additional information, please call 1-877-727-3234.



  • A 3 lb. ABC Fire Extinguisher is required in all kitchens.
  • Smoke detectors:
    • Are required on all levels of premises including attics and basements.  
    • Must be installed inside all sleeping areas, as well as one outside of all sleeping areas.  
    • In buildings with three or more units: must be AC powered with battery back-up, inter-connected on every floor of public halls, basements, and common areas.  
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms:
    • Are required in all residential, apartment units and multifamily dwellings that use fossil fuel-burning appliances or have an attached garage.
    • Must be installed in a centrally located area near bedrooms and the fossil fuel-burning appliance and on every level of a dwelling, including basements. Exception:  unfinished attics and crawl spaces.
IMPORTANT:  All systems, devices, and equipment must be installed in accordance with the City of Reading Property Maintenance Codes, International Fire Code, and the International Electrical Code.
  • All buildings with three or more units and/or three or more floors must have an approved second means of egress (e.g., fire exit, fire escape).  
  • All means of egress shall have an unobstructed path, proper walking surfaces, and safety rails.


  • Must be maintained free of all appliances, TV sets, car parts, indoor furniture, and all forms of rubbish and recyclables.
  • All buildings must be in sound condition and in good repair.  
  • All accessory structures (e.g., fences, retaining walls, garages) shall be maintained in good repair.  
  • All surfaces must be free of rust, loose, rotted material, and peeling paint, and be properly coated to prevent deterioration.
  • Street number must be visible at front of property. 
  • Rain gutters and down spouts must be in place and in good repair.
  • Hand and safety rails must be in place.  
  • Steps and walking surfaces must be in good repair.
  • Approved trash receptacles and containers with lids.  
  • Grass and weeds must be maintained at less than 6” throughout the entire property.
  • Graffiti must be covered or removed.  
  • All exterior openings must be protected against rodent entry. 


  • All floors, walls, and ceilings must be in good repair.
  • All windows and window locks must be free of cracks and in good working order.
  • Window/door screens are required and must be available from May 1 to September 30.
  • All hand and safety rails must be in place.
  • All exterior locks, including Hasp locks, must be removed from all interior doors.
  • All basement walls must be in good repair.
  • Water heater and furnaces must have proper pressure relief valve tube.
  • Water meter must have grounding jumper.  
  • Plumbing fixtures must be supplied with public and/or approved private system.
  • Heating facilities must be present to supply heat at 68 F in all habitable rooms and/or areas.
  • All electrical equipment, wiring, and appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe and approved manner.