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Press Releases

Press Releases from the City of Reading

Reading Police Department Responses

Pagoda/Skyline Drive and Riverfront Park


The following statistics detail police activity and calls for service at the reporting locations from 01 January 2022 through 04 July 2022.

Pagoda/Skyline Drive

Pro-Active Police Patrols:      195

Calls for Service:                    41

Of the 41 calls for service, 22 were for quality of life incidents which included the following:

  • 16 Noise Complaints
  • 3 ATV/Dirt Bike Incidents
  • 2 Reckless Driver Complaints
  • 1 Firework Complaint

Riverfront Park

Proactive Police Patrols:        140

Calls for Service:                    25

Of the 25 calls for service, 16 were for quality of life incidents, all 16 were noise complaints.

Collaboration with Public Works

  • Pagoda/Skyline Drive: Access to the parking area at the Pagoda was restricted with gates to prevent gatherings at that location after dusk.
  • Riverfront Drive: Access to the parking area at the park was restricted with concrete blocks. The length of Riverfront Drive was designated no parking with yellow curb.