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From the Office of the Mayor
City of Reading Launches Health Survey to Inform Future Programming

READING July 15th: The health and wellness of Reading’s community have always been a top priority for our city. In order to offer the best support for our residents’ health, we have to
first understand the baseline of where we’re beginning, so we can help grow the health literacy of our city.

The recent pandemic enhanced and made visible the various challenges and inequalities we must overcome in the City of Reading. As a responsible leader, it is my duty to seek resources to fight
misinformation and help the experts make data-based decisions a data that shouldnt be misleading, misrepresentative, or uncorrelated to the particularities of a places population. You can help us understand your needs better and hopefully find the answer to improving everyones living conditions.

The City of Reading, in partnership with Reading Area Community College, Latino Connection, and Penn State College of Medicine, has launched a health survey initiative to assess the health literacy among residents. The survey is specifically geared toward reaching residents who live in the zip codes 1960 to19604. All qualified respondents will receive a $10 gift card while supplies last.

In this brief, 10-minute survey, respondents answer a series of health-related questions that gauge their baseline understanding of health knowledge. Currently, the survey is being
administered in person at several community events across Reading. Additionally, the option for residents to take the survey by phone and online will soon be added, likely by early August. Details about these options will be shared in the coming weeks. For additional information or questions, please contact the Citizen Service Center at 877-727-3234.

This health survey is critical to the City of Reading, and its community partners, so that we continue to make informed decisions about the support and programming offered to our residents. The information obtained from this initiative will be carefully analyzed to identify areas where our efforts will be more impactful in the coming months and years. The survey will also yield important information specific to the demographics of our residents and how health- related support can be tailored to meet their unique needs.

We urge all qualified residents to please take just a few minutes of their time to complete this survey! We thank you in advance for helping us shape how we better serve our minority communities, especially when its health-related.especially when its health-related.