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Mayor Eddie Morán Releases Statement Regarding Social Media Post of Police Video

Reading, PA - Mayor Eddie Moran today issued the following statement regarding the posting of a video on social media:

"The Reading Police Department and my office are aware of a video posted on social media recorded during the arrest of a suspect relative to an incident that occurred on S. 11th Street on Monday.

In that video, a patrol officer appears to be engaged in conduct that is contrary to my goals, along with the Department's, of engaging our community in a positive way. At this time, the Reading Police Office of Professional Standards is conducting a thorough investigation into the incident that will include a review of officers' body worn cameras that were activated during the incident and any other video that is available. The results of that investigation will be provided to me and Reading Police Chief Richard Tornielli once it is completed.

We take this matter very seriously and demand accountability from each of our public servants. I have made it abundantly clear that I will not tolerate any offensive behavior nor comments as they relate to our residents.

Providing professional police services to the City of Reading while engaging our community in a positive manner is a priority for the Reading Police Department and one that we will continue to strive to improve.

We await the results of the investigation."