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Press Releases from the City of Reading

Mayor Eddie Morán Announces Exciting Change for Flag Raising Ceremonies in the City of Reading.


Reading, PA: Mayor Eddie Morán of the City of Reading proudly announces a significant change in the location of flag raising ceremonies, effective March 1, 2024. The new venue for these events will now be City Park, situated at the intersection of Rose Garden Road and Constitution Boulevard.

Previously, flag raising ceremonies were hosted at the City Hall steps on Washington Street. However, due to Washington Street being a state route, it is not permitted to be closed for public events. The decision to relocate to City Park aims to enhance accessibility, safety, and overall attendee experience.

The new location offers several advantages:

Ample Parking: City Park provides increased parking, ensuring convenience for attendees and eliminating concerns about finding suitable parking spaces.

Expanded Space: With more room available, the new venue allows for larger gatherings, fostering a stronger sense of community and unity during these special ceremonies.

Enhanced Safety: City Park offers a safer environment for attendees, free from the constraints of a busy state route. This change prioritizes the well-being of participants and ensures a more secure setting for the events.

In addition to the relocation, a notable enhancement awaits those attending flag raising ceremonies at City Park. A new display case showcasing the significance of the flag will be prominently featured, adding an educational and patriotic element to the experience.

Mayor Eddie Morán expresses excitement about this positive change, stating, "The relocation of flag raising ceremonies to City Park aligns with our commitment to creating a safer and more accessible community space. We believe this move will enhance the overall experience for our residents while continuing to honor the importance of these ceremonial events."

Organizations interested in participating in flag raising ceremonies are encouraged to utilize the convenient online form available on the City of Reading's official website: For Flag Form CLICK HERE