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EPA Provides Update on Lincoln Chemical Building Fire Cleanup Activities.


Reading, PA: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is releasing the following update regarding the Lincoln Chemical Building fires:

As of today, the initial investigation is approximately 90% complete, marking significant progress in addressing the aftermath of the incident.

Key highlights of the status include:

  1. Ongoing Cleanup Activities: The cleanup activities are in progress and are anticipated to conclude in early 2024. The EPA is committed to ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleanup to mitigate any environmental impact resulting from the fire.
  1. Air Monitoring Results: Continuous air monitoring is being conducted, and we are pleased to report that the results remain below any levels of concern. The EPA remains vigilant in its commitment to maintaining air quality standards throughout the cleanup process.
  1. Container Sampling and Sorting: The sampling and sorting of containers within the building are approximately 80% complete, showcasing a significant milestone in the cleanup efforts. This meticulous process is crucial for the safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials.
  1. Holiday Break and Security Measures: In light of the upcoming holiday season, there will be a temporary pause in work activities from December 22nd to January 2nd. Normal operations will resume on January 3rd. To ensure the security of the site during this break, on-site security personnel will be present throughout the holiday period.
  1. StoryMap with Detailed Information: The EPA is pleased to announce the availability of a StoryMap that provides more details and images of the ongoing cleanup activities. The StoryMap can be accessed at
  1. Spanish-Language Resources: Recognizing the diversity of our community, the StoryMap will soon be available in Spanish. Spanish-speaking community members can find information on our EPA response webpage in Spanish at

EPA remains committed to addressing this issue and concerns of the community. If residents have questions, they can contact the local Citizen Service Center [1-877-727-3234] or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..