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Press Releases from the City of Reading

Introducing “Free 10 on Penn”: A New Parking Initiative by Reading Parking Authority.

Reading, PA: Mayor Eddie Morán, in collaboration with the Reading Parking Authority, is pleased to announce the launch of the innovative "Free 10 on Penn" parking project, aimed at providing a convenient and efficient parking solution for individuals visiting Penn Street for quick errands, without the concern of parking tickets. This project, set to commence on Friday, September 1st, marks a significant step towards enhancing the overall parking experience in downtown Reading.

Mayor Eddie Morán announced the project, stating, “We have been able to work with the parking authority on a new pilot program that would allow 10 minutes with no enforcement for anyone who parks on Penn Street. That's going to help people who want to run into a downtown business for a quick errand.”

The "Free 10 on Penn" project offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy free parking for up to 10 minutes at designated parking spaces along Penn Street. The initiative aims to accommodate individuals who are looking to complete short tasks quickly, such as picking up takeout orders, dropping off items, or making brief stops at local businesses and alleviate the stress of a parking ticket. Customers will enjoy free parking after they insert their license plate number into one of the pay terminals that have recently been installed on every block of Penn Street. Signage is being placed to inform parkers about the availability of free parking and the new method. By providing this free 10-minute parking option, the Reading Parking Authority seeks to streamline the parking process and increase turnover rates, ultimately making it easier for customers to find available parking spaces upon their arrival.

The decision to initiate the "Free 10 on Penn" project was fueled by insightful local data gathered over a four-month period by the Reading Parking Authority, which revealed that over 50% of parking meter users on Penn Street parked for less than 10 minutes. This finding underscored the potential to optimize parking space turnover and better cater to the needs of those engaging in brief activities on Penn Street.

The project will commence as a 60-day pilot program, during which the effectiveness and impact of the initiative will be carefully evaluated. This trial period will allow the city and the Reading Parking Authority to gather feedback from residents, visitors, and local businesses to ensure that the project aligns with its objectives and benefits the community at large.

The "Free 10 on Penn" project exemplifies the city's dedication to implementing practical solutions that enhance the quality of life for its residents while fostering economic growth within the region. As the project launches on September 1st, the City of Reading looks forward to witnessing the positive changes it will bring to Penn Street and beyond.