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New Online Option to Pay County Real Estate Taxes Rolling Out to City Districts

Reading, PA— 07/19/2023 — Berks County is implementing a new program in stages to pay current year county real estate taxes online. The new online option is now available for City of Reading Districts 01-19. The county intends to add more county districts in phases through the end of the calendar year.

At this time, payments for outstanding annual and interim real estate tax bills for the City of Reading can be made online via credit/debit card. All outstanding tax bills issued within the calendar year will be combined into one payment. The bill(s) must be paid in full; no partial payments are permitted. The option to select and pay only one bill (if more than one bill is outstanding) is not available.
This new online option is for county/municipal real estate taxes only. Delinquent taxes, school taxes, and any other taxes (such as per capita) are not paid through this site. Delinquent tax payments can be made via the Tax Claim website. See the link below.

If choosing this option to pay outstanding current year real estate taxes, a service fee will be applied by the vendor for all payments processed. These fees are not collected by the county or any associated municipality. The service fee is calculated when the credit card option is selected during the payment process. The associated fee will display in the “service fee” field on the screen and the total will be adjusted accordingly. After the total has been updated, if the taxpayer chooses to continue with the online payment, they will enter their payment information and complete the online payment process.
Tax parcels can be searched online to see if there are outstanding annual or interim tax bills. When searching a parcel, the system will display a listing of any outstanding bill(s) and the current amount due. The tax amount due reflects the current period of collection and may change as time passes. Copies of the bills are not provided. If you wish to request a copy of a tax bill, please contact the appropriate municipal tax collector. If a tax bill has been paid, the parcel search will respond with a note indicating the current bill has been paid and no data will be displayed. This search should not be used as a replacement for certifications of taxes paid. Certification of Taxes Paid should still be requested from the appropriate tax collector.

Access to the online option for tax payments can be found on the Berks County website in the Treasurer section under Government. The link is also accessible via the City of Reading website.
Questions regarding the online payment option for the City of Reading should be directed to the Berks County Treasurer’s Office.

New, online payment option for current annual county/municipal real estate taxes

Delinquent county/municipal property tax payments