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Frequently Asked Questions

Police Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for the Reading Police Department?

We administer a written test before we hand out applications. If you pass the test, you know before you leave and are then given an application. Please arrive EARLY for the test and have photo identification with you. You must be 21 on the date of the test to take the test. Keep a check on this web site for information regarding test dates and location. 


How do I attend the Reading Police Academy?

You contact the Reading Police Academy or get information on the process by checking our web page on the Police Academy.


How do I know if a vehicle is abandoned?

If the license plate is expired OR the Inspection sticker (the one with the M on it) is expired, then it can be considered abandoned and you can contact the Traffic Law Enforcement Office at 610-655-6294

What if I think the car is stolen?

Call the police department main phone number at 610-655-6116, tell them why you think it is stolen and have them come out and check it.

Is the Police Department open on the weekends?

YES, the Police Department is open and manned 24 hours a day and you can always reach them at 610-655-6116.

Where do I get a Protection Order?

Protection Orders are obtained at the Berks County Courthouse.


Can I get a Protection Order against my neighbor?

NO, Protection Orders are only for people with whom you have had an intimate relationship or who are a family member.


What is a Disruptive Conduct Report (DCR)?

Police officers or public officers shall investigate alleged incidents of disruptive conduct. They shall complete a disruptive conduct report upon a finding that the reported incident constitutes disruptive conduct as defined herein. The information filed in said report shall include, if possible, the identity of the alleged perpetrators of the disruptive conduct and all other obtainable information, including the factual basis for the disruptive conduct described on the prescribed form. A copy of the disruptive conduct report shall be given or mailed to the occupant and mailed to the owner and local responsible agent within 10 working days of the occurrence of the alleged disruptive conduct.