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Plans Currently Under Review

The following plans are currently under review by the Reading Planning Commission. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


1010 Elm Street (1010 Elm Daycare Center) Preliminary/Final Plan

Castlewood HOA Street Dedication Sketch Plan

1700 & 1716 N. 12th Street (Exeter Hall) Preliminary Plan

600 Spring Street (Reading Station) Sketch Plan

228 Moss Street (Iron Gate) Preliminary Land Development Plan

10 S. 2nd Street (RACC Penn Street Lot Annexation) Annexation Plan

323 S. Bernardine Street (Alvernia University Crime Scene Lab) Sketch Plan

410 S. 14th Street (Fairview Christian School) Sketch Plan

103 & 107 Angelica Street (MJ Reider Associates, Inc) Preliminary/Final Minor Land Development Plan

825 E. Wyomissing Blvd (Reading Truck Group) Preliminary/Final Subdivision and Annexation Plan

- 1124 Schuylkill Ave & 1119 Luzerne Street (Iglesia Pentecostal Movimiento de Fe) Preliminary Land Development Plan

114-118 Belvedere Avenue (Schaeffer Subdivision) Preliminary/Final Minor Subdivision Plan

 730-732 McKnight Street (Refuge Home) Annexation Plan

1201 N. 9th Street (Marion Street Fire Station) Preliminary/Final Plan

226 & 230 N 5th Street (Medical Arts) Preliminary Plan

1325 & 1341 Scott Street (Scott Street Subdivision) Final Subdivision Plan

243 North 4th Street (Super Natural Foods III) Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan

936-938 Penn Street (Prince and Princess Daycare) Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan

916 N. 9th Street (Overlord Real Estate Holdings, LLC) Preliminary/Final Plan

Architectural Plans
Berks County Plan Review

LDP Review
LD Plans

Completed Application and Checklist



Conditional Use Applications

234 N. 6th Street - Conditional use application for a temporary shelter

238 N. 6th Street - Conditional use application for a boarding house

700 Franklin Street - Conditional use application for a boarding house

Street Vacation Requests

Penn Street