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Nominations and Appointments Committee Report 11/01/21




Monday, November 1, 2021
Meeting Report

Attendance: Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz, Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz (electronically) S. Marmarou

Others Attending: S. Smith, B. Rivera, I. Litvinov, B. Gamble (electronically)

The meeting was called to order at 4:05pm by Mr. Marmarou.

I. Interviews

  • Michel Micozzi - Reappointment to the Library Board

Mr. Marmarou asked everyone in the group to talk louder as he is having issues with his hearing aid. He welcomed Mr. Micozzi and questioned if Mr. Micozzi would have any difficulties attending meetings to which he responded that he would not as he has attended most meetings.

Mr. Marmarou questioned if he serves on any of the committees. Mr. Micozzi stated that he is on the service committee and the facilities committee.

Mr. Marmarou stated that the Library is doing very well and questioned what Mr. Micozzi feels could be done to improve the operations of the library. Mr. Micozzi stated that the biggest obstacle that the library has is obtaining funds.

Mr. Marmarou questioned if the City can assist the Library and in what way to which Mr. Micozzi responded more funding.

Mr. Marmarou questioned what types of fundraising has the Library taken part in and which has had the most success.

Mr. Micozzi stated that he has been a part of a “Celebrity Bartender” fundraiser which did very well. Another successful fundraiser was “Cocktails and Classics” which brings in much funding.

Ms. Gamble also added the “Annual Appeal” which is also a very successful fundraiser.

Mr. Marmarou opined that the City should be contributing more to the Library than they do. He believes that the Library serves many people and he has had many people tell him that the library is a great service here in our City.

Ms. Cepeda-Freytiz congratulated Mr. Micozzi in being a part of such a successful venue as the Library. She questioned what the Library could accomplish with more funding.

Mr. Micozzi stated that more funding would aid in providing more computer classes for those technologically challenged. Also, more funding would be beneficial for those needing computers to learn English as the Library sees many citizens come in for these types of services. He stated that more funding would allow the Library to have more meeting rooms available which would allow for more training in our community.

Ms. Cepeda-Freytiz questioned what he most enjoys about working with the Library. Mr. Micozzi stated that the Library is so “community-based” and he feels very good about that. The library helps all people from the homeless to those studying to be a lawyer or doctor.

Ms. Cepeda-Freytiz questioned if there was a goal Mr. Micozzi would like the library to achieve.

Mr. Micozzi stated that more fundraising or funding to continue to build more meeting rooms in other branches of the Library as well as the main Library.

Ms. Goodman-Hinnershitz stated that libraries all over have been experiencing changes and questioned Mr. Micozzi what positive changes he may see in the future of Reading’s Library.

Mr. Micozzi stated that years ago the Library was a place where one could find a book needed for a specific purpose whereas now, our libraries are utilized with so much more purpose from trainings to learning centers, etc., etc. He stated that since the pandemic, the library has been utilized for more virtual meetings than ever before.

Mr. Marmarou stated that he is so grateful for the Library because they greatly assisted his parents in getting their citizenship and he will never forget that. He stated that he contributes to the library each year.

All councilors thanked Mr. Micozzi for his continued dedication to the Library and are looking forward to his serving another term.

The Nominations and Appointments Committee recommends the reappointment of Michel Micozzi to the Library Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:17pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Bea Rivera
Legislative Aide