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Nominations and Appointment Committee Report 06/21/21



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 Nominations & Appointments Committee

Monday, June 21, 2021
Meeting Report

Attendance: Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, (electronically) S. Marmarou (via telephone)

Others Attending: S. Smith, A. LaMano, B. Rivera

The meeting was called to order at 4:05pm by Mr. Marmarou.

I. Interviews

  • Lynanne Bohn – Appointment to the Board of Health

Mr. Marmarou introduced himself and then questioned Ms. Smith if the applicants that are interviewing today are required to be residents of the City of Reading. Ms. Smith stated that Ms. Bohn is an exception as she has a background as an Environmental Specialist which is a position that has been vacant on the Board of Health for some time. She also stated that Mr. Snyder has a specific plumbing background and license which qualifies him to serve on the Plumbing Board.

Mr. Marmarou questioned what Ms. Bohn understands the Board of Health’s purpose is. Ms. Bohn stated that she believes it oversees issues pertaining to food inspections and some other health-related inspections. Mr. Marmarou questioned why she’s interested in serving on this Board. Ms. Bohn stated that she worked for the City for 26 years and felt that with her background and knowledge of the City, she would be a good fit for this position. He questioned if she would be available to attend the required meetings on this Board to which Ms. Bohn replied affirmatively.

Mr. Marmarou questioned what Ms. Bohn would like the Board of Health to accomplish if she is to serve on it. Ms. Bohn stated she would like to see more consistency in food inspections as there are many businesses that have not been inspected for months and even years.

Ms. Cepeda-Freytiz stated that she had met Ms. Bohn prior to this interview as she inspected her restaurant. She stated that she has also inspected her stand at the Shillington Market and she stated that Ms. Bohn is very thorough and professional in her inspections which made the experience less anxiety-inducing. She commends Ms. Bohn in her extensive knowledge and educating restaurant owners of issues pertinent to the food industry; she appreciates her expertise and patience greatly. She questioned what Ms. Bohn hopes to accomplish within her first three to six months. Ms. Bohn stated that she is hopeful in opening up better lines of communication as she has had relationships with the City inspectors.

Mr. Marmarou stated that he is very pleased to have an applicant with such an extensive background and he looks forward to her service on the Board of Health. Ms. Cepeda-Freytiz concurred.

The Nominations and Appointments Committee recommends the appointment of Lynanne Bohn to the Board of Health.

Ms. Smith stated that the next applicant who is to be interviewed has not arrived nor has she responded to her confirmation of attending today. Ms. Smith did, however, want to pose a question to Council regarding the possibility of scheduling a Nominations and Appointments meeting for the 6th of July which is a Tuesday. The City is recognizing Monday as the 4th of July holiday. Both Council members agreed to schedule that date.

Ms. Smith stated that Mr. Snyder has confirmed that he will be attending his interview today so the group should give him a few minutes to join.

  • Donald Snyder – Appointment to the Plumbing Board

Mr. Marmarou mistakenly thought Mr. Snyder was already on the Plumbing Board and was interested in being reappointed. Mr. Snyder stated that he may have been thinking of his father. Mr. Marmarou concurred.

Mr. Marmarou questioned what Mr. Snyder believes to be the Plumbing Board’s purpose. Mr. Snyder stated it is to maintain the integrity of the craft and to ensure qualified candidates are chosen as master plumbers and apprentice plumbers. He questioned why Mr. Snyder is interested in being a member of this Board to which Mr. Snyder replied that he wants to be a part of that process. Mr. Snyder stated that years ago, a plumber was a much respected profession and looked up to greatly.

Mr. Marmarou questioned if Mr. Snyder could provide a short background on himself. Mr. Snyder stated that he has been a resident of Reading his entire life and has been a plumber for 35 years. He stated that within the last four years or so he’s been an instructor at the apprentice school in Philadelphia and most recently he is the business agent for the Reading and Allentown area; Berks and Lehigh Valley. Mr. Marmarou was pleased to hear of his extended background and feels very fortunate to have him show interest in serving.

Ms. Cepeda-Freytiz thanked Mr. Snyder for his interest in serving on this Board. She questioned what areas he feels need improvement on this Board. Mr. Snyder stated that as he has only attended one meeting, he doesn’t feel qualified to answer that question at this moment. Ms. Cepeda-Freytiz revised her question to what improvements can be made in the overall industry of plumbing. Mr. Snyder stated that safety would be his answer as that can always be improved upon. She stated that it was brought to her attention by another applicant on the Electrician’s Board that there are no local certification programs currently available to improve the skillset of tradesmen in that industry as well as in the plumbing industry. She questioned if Mr. Snyder would endorse something that would change this in the future. Mr. Snyder replied affirmatively adding that this goes hand in hand with the safety aspect as it would provide for more current practices in these industries.

Mr. Marmarou stated that with the ever-growing diversity in the City, does Mr. Snyder feel there is an issue with our inspectors regarding this as far as communication. Mr. Snyder doesn’t believe it has been an issue thus far.

Both Council members thanked him for his interest in serving this Board and look forward to his participation.

The Nominations and Appointments Committee recommends the appointment of Donald Snyder to the Plumbing Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Bea Rivera
Legislative Aide