In January 1996, the City of Reading made the transition from the Commission form of Government to Home Rule Strong Mayor/Council form of government. The Home Rule form of Government was approved by voter referendum on November 7, 1993.
Under the Home Rule Charter, the City of Reading is divided into six districts, with each district electing one Council member. District-elected Council members represent the voice of their District and act as a body to make decisions in the best interest of the entire City. The President of Council is elected at-large as the presiding officer of Council with the same voting powers as the other six District Council members. The President interacts with the Mayor and other governmental entities and represents the voice of Council.
The Home Rule Charter requires City Council to hire a City Clerk, who provides support to the seven members of Council. In addition the City Clerk oversees and assists with Council policy, program, project management, procedure and operations. The City Clerk is also charged with maintaining the City’s records, maintaining the City’s Codified Ordinances, and managing the City’s Boards, Authorities and Commissions. After evaluating the needs of the Council Office and the staffing of other Council offices, Council moved to add a Deputy City Clerk and Legislative Aide to the Council Office.
City Council holds their regular business meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 7 pm in Council Chambers.  Council also holds Committee of the Whole meetings at 5 pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month to review the regular meeting agenda and review and discuss other matters.
City Council currently has four committees:  Finance, Audit and Budget Committee; Nominations and Appointments Committee; Strategic Planning Committee and Standards of Living Committee. The Committees meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month in the Council offices at 5 pm. Committees may also meet more frequently when necessary.  The committee structure allows Council members to more closely explore City issues and successfully work towards mutual goals. The President of Council is an ad hoc member of all Committees. 
All meetings of Council are open to the public, however, public comment is allowed only at the regular business meetings.  To register to address Council contact the City Clerk’s office before 5 pm on the day of the meeting, call 610 655 6204, email or via the City’s website.  You may also register on the sign-up sheet in Council Chambers before 7 pm the day of the meeting.
The Council area of the City’s website provides information about the members of Council, videos of the regular Council meetings, agendas and minutes for all Council meetings, online access to the City’s Code of Ordinances, Council Activity Reports, etc.

Photos from the City Council Inauguration