Wally Scott

Acting Managing Director
Osmer S. Deming

Department Heads
Chief of Police -Andres Dominguez
Chief of Fire and Rescue Services - William Stoudt
Director of Administrative Services - Jamar Kelly
Director of Public Works - Ralph Johnson
Director of Community Development - 
Acting City Solicitor - Frederick T. Lachat, III, Esquire

The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city. He is responsible for enforcement of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the ordinances of the City of Reading. He has the power to appoint all department directors, with the confirmation of City Council. The Mayor's Office works in conjunction with the Office of the Managing Director in the administration of government affairs. The Mayor's Office also interacts with other departments as is needed. The mayor is aided in carrying out his responsibilities to the citizens and the council by 2 special assistants and an executive assistant.