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bartath.pngDiscover the Future of Better Transit: Your Insights Matter!

Drive the change in transit with the South Central Transit Authority (SCTA). The second public and stakeholder meeting held on August 22, 2023, collected feedback on options aimed at enhancing the BARTA service experience.

The SCTA analyzed the present transit landscape and combined that with insight shared by both avid riders and those yet to board the BARTA bus. This vibrant exchange of thoughts unfolded during the previous round of public meetings, shaping future plans. Now, we are entering stage two, where we are looking at two new scenarios that include a tech-savvy, on-demand solution that provides you with the promise of convenience. Say hello to micro-transit, a revolutionary concept that mirrors the ease of summoning an Uber or Lyft but with a transit twist. It's like having your own personal shuttle at your fingertips. This innovation shines brightest in areas with more steering wheels.

Micro-transit is many things. Its intent is to be the boundary and also the bridge that connects you from your doorstep to the busy BARTA network. The grand vision? To weave the options seamlessly while trying to cater to everyone's needs. But here's where you become the star of the show. Unveiling these options is only part of the task; your applause, opinions, and insights complete the goal. SCTA is asking for you to share your feedback from now through September 2023. Your voice, your vision – they're the driving force behind this transformation.

Navigate the interactive system maps and play a part in evolving transit projects. Once you've taken your tour, don't forget to make your voice heard by participating in the SURVEY. Your clicks could pave the way for real change.

And guess what? The third and final meeting will take place this fall. If you have questions or insights you would like to share, reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let your curiosity steer the conversation.



Your voice matters. Make your mark on the future of transit right here in Reading!