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JOB VACANCY # JV 2022-43 Planner III


THE POSITION OF:                        Planner III

DEPARTMENT/DIVISION OF:     Community Development

CLASSIFICATION:                         AFSCME 2763 – Professional

STARTING PAY RATE:                 $65,141.14 Annually, 35 hours/week (per CBA)            

POSTING DATE:                             June 15, 2022


Qualified, interested candidates must submit an employment application and current resume at under employment opportunities.  Questions – Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




The Planner III is responsible for implementation and administration of the City’s Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance, and other land-use policies enabled by acts of the Commonwealth where participation and responsibilities are assigned to the ‘planning agency’.  The Planner III will serve those additional and, at times, ad hoc initiatives of the administration and ‘governing body’.

Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Act as a point-of-contact for parties initiating the subdivision and/or land development processes, or undertaking other improvements in the City of Reading.
  • Provide background information (g. historical use, comprehensive planning, zoning, environmental constraint), when requested by general public, City government, other regulatory interests.
  • Provide and interpret information on federally-designated and -regulated flood boundaries (National Flood Insurance Program’s rate maps); Provide and interpret federally-compiled and disseminated information on population and demographics.
  • Maintain, revise Zoning and Official Map; keep current with affecting legislative actions of City Council.
  • Provide professional advisement in issues of placement, design and aesthetics, in keeping with City’s Comprehensive Plan, appending plans, and generally-accepted urban planning theories and practices.
  • Administer subdivision and land development processes, including required correspondence, in accord with the PA Municipalities Planning Code, City’s Zoning and Subdivision and Land Development ordinances, and other relevant statutes, ordinances and codes.
  • Inspect projects under development/construction for conformance with plans of record, and statutes, ordinances and codes having jurisdiction.
  • Provide professional advisement, administrative support for the City of Reading Planning Commission.
  • Compile, maintain records of the Planning Commission’s business, as required by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code; communicate same, when requested, per PA’s right-to-know laws.
  • Provide professional advisement to the Administration, City Council, and other City boards, authorities and commissions undertaking community development/land use initiatives.
  • Liaise between Planning Commission, other City boards, and authorities on mutual concern issues.
  • Prepare, recommend amendments to the City’s land use ordinances, further implementing policies and goals of City’s Comprehensive Plan; appending plans, using urban planning theories and practices.
  • Inventory environmentally-challenged ‘brownfield’ sites; opportunities for assessment, remediation, marketing, redevelopment.
  • Develop ‘RFP’s’ for contracted services serving community development goals and objectives.
  • Prepare neighborhood action strategies; prepare quarterly and annual reports on all planning activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Community Development Director and/or his designee.


Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture, land surveying or related curriculum


  • Prior experience in public or private-sector planning
  • Experience in urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, landscape surveying, or geography
  • Two years of full-time professional experience in the field of Community Development with preference given to experience in the field of Urban Planning


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