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Starting Your Recycling Program

Thank you for taking the first steps to implement recycling in your business. The Department of Public Works can help you get started with a new recycling program or improve an existing program with a variety of resources.


Steps to Implement Your Recycling Program

  • Get management on board
  • Identify a recycling champion to “own” the system and act as the point person
  • Determine your needs. Know what and how much recycling is entering your waste stream. Often, a visual inspection is enough. Decide if self-haul or a private hauler contract is most appropriate for your business.
  • Make a plan
  • Enter a Hauling Contract and work with the hauler on container placement and collection schedule
  • Self-haul your recyclable materials and save your weight slips (receipts)
  • Place recycling containers adjacent to trash bins to maximize recycling. Educational flyers and instructional posters help customers and employees properly sort recycling from trash
  • Start recycling!
  • Report Your Success: Ensure your private hauler submits an annual report on your behalf or submit it yourself if you self-haul.

Below you will find resources to help you start or improve your recycling program. Please note that, depending on how you meet your recycling goals, some of the materials may need to be altered in order to reflect the specifics of your program.

We are currently working to improve our offerings with sample flyers and education material as well as a toolkit for commercial recycling programs. Check back soon for more resources.

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Sample Educational Material to Use at Your Business