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Event Permit Guidelines
Special Events, Parades, and Public Gatherings Permitting Process
Event permits MUST be submitted 90 days prior to event
The City of Reading has many facilities, parks and playgrounds that can be used for special events, parades, and community events.
In order to ensure that the event conforms to City policy, an application form must be submitted by the group or resident hosting the event and approved by the City.
If your event requires any of the following, please print and complete a Special Event Permit application..  The Special Event Permit application must be submitted along with a $500 security deposit and $300 application fee ($100 application fee with proof of non-profit status).  Special events include:
  • The closing of a public street, sidewalk, or alleyway including block parties;
  • Blocking or restricting public property;
  • Blocking or restricting access to private property of others;
  • Use of pyrotechnics or special effects;
  • Use of open flame, explosions, or other potentially dangerous displays or actions;
  • Use or display of animals, aircraft, or watercraft only when such use or display could create a disturbance or affect the public safety of persons attending or in the immediate area of the event;
  • Sale or service of merchandise, food, (Event Vendor Health Permit Application) or non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages on public and private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance;
  • Installation of a stage, band shell, vehicle(s) of any kind, trailer, van, portable building, booth, grand stand, or bleachers on public or private property;
  • Placement of portable toilets on public or private property (it is recommended that this be checked for events over 50 people in attendance and when food and/or beverages are available);
  • Placement of “No Parking” signs or barricades in a public right-of-way;
  • Amplification of music, voices, sounds or activities;
  • Walks, runs, cycling, parades, marches, and all non-stationary events.
If your event does not require any of the above, please complete a Community Site Permit application...  There is no fee to submit this application form.
Block parties are a special type of community event and should complete a Block Party application..  There is a $100 barricade fee which must be submitted with the form.  In addition, the form will not be processed without the accompanying petition form.
For events for occasions at a park or playground which do not require other City services or are not classified as a Special Event, please complete the Recreation Facility/Site Application Permit...
All applicants must complete a Hold Harmless agreement and carry liability insurance for the event.  In addition, applicants must submit a photo ID, map (as needed), and proof of non-profit status (as applicable).
Events that will utilize City resources such as police, equipment rental, electricity, etc. will incur additional fees.
“No Parking” signs are obtained from the Reading Parking Authority.  Please call 610-655-6166.
To view the complete regulations, please click here..
To view the City’s fee schedule, please click here.
For additional information, please call the Police Department Traffic Enforcement Office at 610-655-6294.