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Reading Fire

Emergency Medical Services

In an emergency, call 911

The Reading Emergency Medical Services Division provides emergency response to its citizens, those who work and visit to the City of Reading. This service is operated through the Department of Fire and Rescue Services.

The EMS Division of the Fire Department is a professional staffed service offering Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support.

The department operates four fully equipped ambulances staffed with Paramedics, on a 24-hour basis.

Paramedics, who are healthcare professionals with special training to give pre-hospital diagnosis and care for patients with serious injury or illness, provide Advanced Life Support. Paramedics are trained to give advanced care to patients, including giving medications intravenously.

EMTs, Emergency Medical Technicians, are healthcare professionals who also give pre-hospital diagnosis and care but provide Basic Life Support and are limited in support of serious injuries and illnesses. EMTs can supply and monitor patients with oxygen.

Ambulance Memberships

Memberships to the ambulance service are available for all residents of the City of Reading.

Membership relieves the patient from financial responsibility for the balance of most charges for service not covered by medical insurance. Members have the benefit of reduced rates for transports.

(Please see the membership form for more information)

Download an Ambulance Membership Form here

To join our EMS Membership Plan, please print, complete the Membership Form, and mail it with your check or money order to:

Department of Fire
815 Washington Street, Suite 1-41
Reading, PA 19601