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Election Finance and the City of Reading Code of Ethics

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Campaign Limits

The Code of Ethics sets limits for campaign contributions for both election years and non-election years as follows:

  • Election year:
    • individuals - $2,700
    • organizations - $11,000
    • campaign committees - $10,000
  • Non-Election year:
    • Mayor – $150,000 per year
    • Auditor – $75,000 per year
    • City Council President - $50,000
    • City Council – $25,000 per year
  • Post-Election to candidates and candidate campaign committees
    • individuals - $2,700
    • organizations - $11,000

Please review the Code of Ethics for additional information. The Code can be found at

Penalties and Remedies

Penalties included in the Code of Ethics are admonition, public censure, suspension, termination, referral to other authorities, ineligibility to hold public office, fines of up to $1,000 per violation, administrative fines of up to $1,000 per violation, payment to the City of the sum of any financial gain made as a result of the violation, barring of participants from any City business dealings for up to five years, and payment of restitution.

In addition, the Board may order the subject to cease and desist from engaging in a specific activity, order specific action to come into compliance, institute civil action, and recommend forfeiture of office to City Council.

Please review the Code of Ethics for complete information. The Code can be found on the City’s website at

Financial Disclosure

Candidates must notify the City of Reading Board of Ethics when a political committee is formed and must submit a form to the Board of Ethics. Please get full details from the Code of Ethics.

Candidates must file a Financial Interest Statement and provide a copy to the Board of Ethics and must submit a copy of their State report of receipts and expenditures to the office of the City Clerk along with a written statement signed by the filer swearing that the information is true and correct.


These provisions will be available on the City of Reading website – on the Board of Ethics page – at all times.