Covid: COR Responses &



From March of 2020 when the Covid-19/Corona Virus Pandemic started it's spread across the United States to the present, the City of Reading and Mayor Moran have work diligently to stay on top of the pandemic situation. The number one goal of his efforts has been to keep the Citizens, Employees and Guests of the City Of Reading Safe and informed. Following the guidelines of state government and the CDC recommendations, Mayor Moran has, when needed, implemented different safety protocols during the pandemic.

As the pandemic lingers on and the different strains are emerging, the City and Mayor Moran are still maintaining vigilance by taking the steps necessary to provide continued safety and awareness for everyone.

Below is a timeline of the actions that have been taken and removed as the pandemic ebbs and flows.

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March 3rd 2022 (Mayor Moran Lifts Covid Restrictions)
January 27th 2022 (City Hall Reopening)

January 14th 2022 (Preventative Measures)

January 5th 2022 (Emergency Declaration Signed)


November 21st (Mayor Moran Hosts Mental Health Webinars)

October 26th 2021 (The Return of the Halloween Parade)

August 17th 2021 (New Vaccination Clinics)

August 16th 2021 (Updated Mask Policy)

July 2nd 2021 (Downtown Activities Resume)

June 1st 2021 (City Hall Reopens)

May 3rd 2021 (CHIRP Covid Recovery)

April 19th 2021 (Free Vaccination Clinic)

February 23rd 2021(Vaccination Partnership)

January 13th 2021 (Closure re-extended)

December 9th 2020 (City Hall Closure Extended)

November 18th 2020 (City Hall Closes)

October 6th 2020 (Testing Sites)

March 16th 2020 (The Start of the Pandemic)