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The body of Council meets in some form every Monday evening starting at 5 p.m. using the following schedule:

           First Monday:           Nominations & Appointments 4 pm

                                                Strategic Planning 5 p.m.

           Second Monday:     Committee of the Whole (COW) 5 p.m.

                                                Regular Business Meeting 7 p.m.

           Third Monday:       Nominations & Appointments 4 pm

          COW Finance, Audit, Budget 5 p.m.

           Fourth Monday:       Committee of the Whole 5 p.m.

                                                Regular Business Meeting 7 p.m.

Note:  During December, the 2ndregular business meeting may not be held during the 4thweek of December, due to the holiday season.  Council Staff will make the necessary arrangements for this 2ndregular business meeting.

The meetings on the second and fourth Mondays are televised on the BCTV MAC Channel 99 and streamed live on the City’s website.  NOTE:  Televised meetings are replayed many times throughout the month to provide Reading citizens with ample opportunity to be informed and educated on Council’s activities.

On average there are four or five months per year that have 5 Mondays.  These extra Mondays can be used to either “catch-up” on issues that need additional attention or to schedule special meetings.  However at times, Council elects to take the extra Monday off.

Meeting agendas define the work plan for meetings and hearings and provide all of the available support documentation and legislation.  Agendas are prepared every week and posted on the website no later than the Thursday prior to the Monday meeting.  

Nominations and Appointments Committee

Committee Responsibilities:  Lead interview of applicants for the Boards, Authorities and Commissions. Center questions for new appointments on: why the applicant decided to apply, what skills and abilities the applicant has that will contribute to the effectiveness of the board and how the candidate is qualified to contribute to the mission of the board. Center questions for reappointment on: what issues the board deals with, is there the need for any legislative improvements to the board's enabling legislation, why the applicant is seeking reappointment, conflict of interest, etc. (Sheet will be distributed at each meeting). 

Strategic Planning Committee

Key agenda topics will include review and recommendations on key issues facing the City, such as: updates to and amendments of the Recovery Plan, Recycling litigation, Act 73, economic development (reports and review projects), and updates from all Council Committee Co-chairs on the issues handled by the Finance and Standards of Living meetings and obtain updates from Councilors appointed to various entities such as the EAC, the BPRC, the Rec Commission, RATS, the Berks County Criminal Justice Advisory Board, etc.

Finance, Audit and Budget Committee

Key agenda topics will include labor issues, CDC, Recovery Plan issues that relate to finances, audit, budget (General Fund and CDBG Action Plan), financial reporting, purchasing policies, contract awards, review of bonds and other financing tools, internal controls and any other financial or business practices, and reviewing the work of the City Auditor, taxes (Rates, exonerations and exemption appeals), fees and fines etc.