Mission: To establish a precise and detailed plan for the use of land in the City of Reading and is enacted to promote and to protect the public health, safety, morals, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of the people in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act of 1968, P.L. 805, No. 247, as reenacted and amended, and to implement and foster the land development and use policies indicated in the adopted City of Reading Comprehensive Plan.

Meetings:  2nd Wednesday of the Month @ 5:30 in Council Chambers

Liaison:  Zoning Administrator, 610-655-6326

Bill No. 7, February 6, 1957, Bill 49, November 10, 1971, Bill No. 21-81, May 27, 1981 (increased number to 5). Bill 19, June 25, 2001

Term: One expiration per year January 1

Council5 Membersat least 1 but no more than 3 Alternates5 Year Term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Philip Rabena - chair1/13/198705/14/201801/01/2023
Jeffrey Gattone12/22/200805/14/201801/01/2023
Jared Barcz9/09/201303/24/201401/01/2019
Thomas A. Fox9/13/200403/24/201401/01/2019
William Harst1/10/201107/27/201501/01/2020