This office is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Zoning Ordinance. This office reviews permit applications, conducts research to verify the zoning status of a given property, and responds to zoning-related complaints.

To view the zoning classification of a particular area please view the zoning map.

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Remember, Zoning Permits are required before starting any of the following activities:

  • Erection, construction, movement, placement or expansion of a structure, building or sign
  • Change of the type of use or expansion of the use of a structure or area of land.
  • Creation of a new use.
  • Demolition of a building.
  • Establishment of mineral extraction or an outdoor business storage area.
  • Construction or expansion of a vehicle parking area.
  • Increase the number of dwelling units or boarding house units.

Contact: Zoning Office
Phone: 610-655-6326