Disagreeing With Your Utility Company
You have the right to question or dispute any billing or service action of the utility company. You should tell the company of the problem as soon as it occurs. This gives the utility the opportunity to resolve the matter with you. If you do not contact the utility first, the Commission may instruct you to do so before accepting an informal complaint from you.
Questions, Problems and Disputes -Get In Touch Immediately with Your Utility
You may question any charge applied to your bill, ask about the company's billing policies or services, request new service, complain about present service or make a payment agreement for your bills. Your concerns or questions can often be best answered if you immediately bring them to  your utility company's attention. Your utility company may ask you to allow it to review its records about your concern and call you back. If you agree to let the company do this, the utility company will call you back with the results of its investigation. If the company cannot reach, you it will send you a letter that will tell you what if found from its review.
If you are not satisfied or disagree with the utility company's response, tell the company that the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction. You may do this in writing or by notifying the company representative by phone. At this point, the inquiry you make to the utility becomes a dispute.
Steps of the Dispute Process
Here are the steps of the dispute process, which must be followed in the order in which they are listed below:
Step 1: Filing a Dispute with the Utility Company.
After you have indicated that you are not satisfied with the company's resolution of your inquiry, the company must respond to your dispute within 30 days. In answering your dispute, the company must provide you with all the information necessary for you to make a decision on whether  you  need  to proceed further with the matter. This includes informing you  of all related  company rules (tariffs). The utility company can also provide you with a statement of your account  including payments and meter readings. Meter test results and any other information related to your dispute  should  also be included when appropriate. In addition, the company must tell you of your right to register a further complaint with the PUC and how to do this. The utility must make the written utility company report available to you upon request.
Step 2: Filing an Informal Complaint with the PUC.
You must first contact your utility company if you have questions or concerns. If you do not agree with the company's response to your concerns, you may file an informal complaint with the PUC within 10 days of notification or mailing of a utility company report (in order to maintain utility service while you appeal). You may still file an informal complaint after 10 days, but if you have a pending shutoff notice, you may be waiving your right to keep your service on while your dispute is pending. Write or call the PUC's Bureau of Consumer Services for assistance at 1-800-692-7380 (see last page of this guide for additional contact information). To look into your complaint, the Bureau will need the following information regarding the account your complaint involves:
  • Name;
  • Telephone  number;
  • Service address;
  • Account  number;
  • Name of the utility;
  • Description of the problem and what action the utility company took;
  • Request for action you are seeking.
The Bureau of Consumer Services' staff will review the matter and investigate further. They will make a decision based upon the facts both you and the company present. The Bureau will notify you  of its decision and at the same time explain the steps involved in appealing this decision to the PUC if you disagree with it. You may request a written report of the Bureau's decision.
Step 3: Filing a Formal Complaint.
If you disagree with the Bureau of Consumer Services' staff decision, you have the option to appeal that decision within 20 days from the date you received notification or mailing of the Bureau's informal complaint report (in order to maintain utility service while you appeal). You may still file a formal complaint after these 20 days, but if you have a pending shutoff notice, you may be waiving your right to keep service on while your dispute is pending. The company also has the right to appeal the Bureau's decision to the PUC.
After formal complaint forms are filed with the PUC, a hearing may be scheduled, at which time a PUC judge will listen to both sides of the dispute and issue a decision. Although it is not necessary, you may wish to use a lawyer.
UGI Specific Information
If you still have questions about your utility service, call UGI immediately. If you are located in the UGI  Central Penn Gas territory, call 1-800-652-0550. All other UGI customers please call 1-800- 276-2722. You can also visit the UGI's website @ www.ugi.com or by mail at:
UGI Utilities, Inc.
225 Morgantown Road
Reading, Pa 19612-3009
The PUC's Bureau of Consumer Services can provide further assistance in utility matters. However, you must attempt to resolve a dispute with your utility company before you  bring  your  complaint to the Bureau of Consumer Services. You can reach the PUC's Bureau of Consumer Services by calling 1-800- 692-7380. For people with speech or hearing loss, dial 7-1-1 (Telecommunications Relay Service). You can reach the PUC by mail/on line at:
PA Public Utility Commission Bureau of Consumer Services
P.O. Box 3265
Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265 www.puc.state.pa.us