Spreadsheet - 3rd Party Electric Consultant Tech



On behalf of its various departments and locations, the City of Reading, Pennsylvania is soliciting proposals from qualified suppliers of electricity.
There are approximately 200 various electrical accounts by the City that may eventually participate in purchasing electricity as a result of this solicitation. The final decision to purchase electricity as a result of this solicitation will rest with the City. None of these accounts are currently under contract from other suppliers. The current accounts are served by the Metropolitan Edison Company.
The City is requesting a single, firm, all inclusive price per kilowatt hour (including GMT) that will be made available for each account and covers a full year of supply. In addition, similar prices for a second and third year of supply are also requested. Variable prices, exceptions, addons, give backs, or other factors that could change the offered price will not be allowed.
A listing of all eligible accounts including the 20 digit identification numbers is provided as an attachment to this solicitation. Specific electricity consumption or patterns by specific users will not be provided by this solicitation process but should be available to proposers from normal procedures. The proposal with the lowest cost per kilowatt hour will be recommended for all accounts for final contract agreements. A spread sheet will be posted on the cities website with account information for the bidders use. Please see below website. www.readingpa.gov
A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.
Final written proposals will be due on or before 12:00 noon Friday, December 04, 2015 by mail (postmarked by due date), delivered in person, by e-mail or Facsimile as follows:
City of Reading, Purchasing Department, Attention Mrs. Tammi Reinhart
815 and Washington Streets, Reading, Pa. 19601
Phone (610) 655-6207 FAX (610) 655-6427 E-mail
Late proposals will be disqualified.


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