Shade Tree Work Permit Application

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Control No. ______________

Shade Tree Work Permit Application


Work Location - Where tree is located:



Street No.              Street Name              Zip Code

Property Owner information:


Name: _____________________________________ Phone#: _________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Street No.              Street Name                            Zipcode


Name of Person applying for permit: __________________________________________________________________________


Company/Contractor Name: __________________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Street No.              Street Name              Zip Code


Phone #: _____________________________ Email: ______________________________________


If you are a Company/Contractor please provide the following:


ISA Certified Arborist # and City of Reading Business License # ____________________________


Description of Work to Be Performed:

Pruning (poda del árbol)   Removal (Retiro del árbol)  
Planting (Plantar)   Stump Grinding (molienda de tocones)  


Additional comments to be consider for approval:







Applicant's Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name                                                                      Date



Do Not Write Below This Line



Approved: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Conditions of Approval: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Denied: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Reason for Denial: ___________________________________________________________________________________


* All trees being removed must be replaced unless otherwise stated by the City Arborist. *

* Must secure tree pits to avoid a trip hazard. *

* Stumps must be removed at time of removal. *

* All pruning must be done according to the ANSI A300 Tree Pruning Standards. *

*Plans must be submitted upon request of City Arborist*

* The topping of street trees is prohibited.*



Small Branch Pruning / Large Branch Pruning For More Information:
For More Information:
Call the Public Works Department at 610-655-6035
or visit or