RFQ - Repair of Large Wastewater Conveyance Pumps

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Reading, Pennsylvania



Request for Qualifications

List of Qualified Pump Repair Vendors to perform diagnosis and repairs on the City of Reading’s Large Wastewater Conveyance Pumps.


City of Reading

815 Washington St.

Reading, PA 19601




The City of Reading is requesting Qualifications for the purpose of retaining a list of interested companies/vendors to provide for diagnosis and Repairs on the City’s Large Wastewater conveyance pumps as described in this RFQ.


Date Issued: April 4, 2019

Date Due: April 16, 2019


All questions are to be directed in writing to: Tammi Reinhart

Purchasing Coordinator



Request for Qualifications

Vendor List for diagnosis and Repair of the City of Reading’s Large Wastewater conveyance pumps

Interested vendors shall submit a response to this RFQ by April 16, 2019. The goal of this RFQ is to compile a list of companies/vendors that can provide diagnosis, repairs, as well as emergency repairs that are above and beyond the maintenance and repairs that are provided by the City of Reading’s Wastewater Maintenance Team. This would be on an as and/or when needed basis for January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2022. This use of this list may be extended for 2 additional 1 year terms at the City of Reading’s discretion.


The list will be used by the Wastewater Department as and when needed to provide for diagnosis and repairs, along with emergency repairs to the Department’s Large Conveyance Wastewater Pumps that consist of the following types;

  • 18th Ward Pump Station Dry Submersible Flowserve MSX Motor/ Pump 250 H.P. 1185 RPM, 460 Volts. (Qty 4)

  • 19th Ward Pump Station Type VO5 Chicago Frame 64154A (Qty 4)

  • 6TH & Canal Pump Station Worthington Centrifugal Model 12MNV- 24, H.P. 250, RPM 900, 6000 GPM (Qty 7)

  • Tertiary Submersible Flygt Motor/ Pump (Qty 7)

    o Pump: 3356 / 665 -1071083, 3356 / 665 – 5187, 350 /350 mm, 465 mm, PNO6, 880 RPM, L, 1520KG

    o Motor: 0665. 000 – S1071083, 0655. 000 – 5996, 85 H.P. 880 RPM, S1, 460 Volts, 112 A

  • Intermediate Submersible Flygt Motor/ Pump (Qty 7)

    • NP 3301 LT 75 H.P.

    • CP 3300 LT 70 H.P.

  • Godwin Pump 6’’ Diesel Pump (Qty 2)

    • 1166307 – 11 CD150M 4045T280 Dri – Prime, On Road Going Trailer

    • Second unit is a Quiet Pac version of the same.


It is understood a single company may not provide service for all listed pumps and proposals are to include a list of pumps each company is equipped to diagnose and repair.


Qualification Criteria


The response to this RFQ shall incorporate adequate information as detailed below for the City’s selection committee to evaluate the vendor’s ability to perform the required service being requested. To expedite the review process, please organize the information in the order listed below, with the submission not to exceed 25 pages in length. This evaluation is strictly for company/vendor qualifications.

Please submit five (5) sealed and bound copies of the company/vendor’s qualifications with the notation of “City’s Large Wastewater Conveyance Pump Diagnosis and Repairs List” as detailed below to:

Tammi Reinhart, Purchasing Coordinator

City of Reading

Purchasing Division

815 Washington St., Rm 2-45

Reading, PA 19601

The response shall address company/vendor specific information as listed below:

  • Provide general company/vendor information including location of business, total number of employees, and number of years the company/vendor has been performing diagnosis maintenance and repairs.

  • Proof of Liability Insurance

  • Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Provide listing of hourly rates for normal business hours

  • Provide listing of after-hours and holiday emergency service rates

  • Provide a list of travel time or expenses if applicable

  • Provide an explanation of which listed pumps are serviceable by the company.

Notice of Acceptance



Upon acceptance the company/vendor will be notified that they have been accepted and placed on the list. Acceptance does not guarantee that they will be contacted for service, the City of Reading Wastewater Treatment Plant may use any of the accepted companies/vendors on the list.

As described previously, this list may, at the City’s discretion, be extended for an additional 2 – 1 year terms, and the City will notify those on the list of the extension at such time.