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    1. PURPOSE


  3. BACKGROUND INFORMATION ................................. 
          A. INTRODUCTION ................................................ 
          B. HISTORY OF FRITZ ISLAND WWTP.............. 
          C. EXISTING TREATMENT PROCESS................. 
          D. COLLECTION SYSTEM..................................... 
          E. CONSENT DECREE............................................ 










    The City of Reading and Department of Fire and Rescue Services anticipates the scope of work to consist of the following responsibilities: The project and construction manager will serve from the inception of the Schematic Design during the pre-construction phase through the final completion of the Construction Process of the New Fire Station Projects. Project #1 would be the design and construction of a new Fire Station on city owned properties in the 900 Block of Penn St., and Project #2 would be for the design and construction of a new Fire Station on city owned property at the intersection of 9th and Marion Sts. The project is for the project and construction management of new Fire Station Projects at both locations to see both projects from the start until completion.


    The submission of a statement of qualifications by each firm is the first step in a two phase Request for Proposal process in accordance with the City’s Administrative Code. As described below, the City will evaluate each Proposer’s statement of qualifications and short-list the firms from which the City will invite to submit technical and cost proposals for the Program in a second phase of this process. Below is a brief description of the two phases of this Request for Proposals.


    Phase I: Solicitation of Qualifications


    The City will solicit a statement of qualifications from firms (each, a “Proposer”) for the City to evaluate and assess to determine whether a Proposer is acceptably qualified for the Program (“Phase I”). The document herewith shall be referred to as RFP Phase I.


    Phase II: Solicitation of Technical and Cost Proposals


    Following the City’s evaluation and assessment of interested firms who submitted Qualifications (as defined below) in response to Phase I, the City will solicit Technical Proposals and Cost Proposals (to be defined in the RFP Phase II) from the firms short-listed by the City based on the results from Phase I (“Phase II”). The City’s solicitation of technical and cost proposals for the Program shall be referred to as RFP Phase II.


    Collectively, RFP Phase I and RFP Phase II compose the entire Request for Proposals associated with the Program and is hereinafter referred to as the “RFP”. The responses by Proposers to both Phase I and Phase II, composed of the Proposer’s Qualifications and the Technical Proposal and Cost Proposal shall be collectively defined as the “Proposal”. The City intends to award the contract for the project and construction management services for the Program that will be detailed in Phase II to the most qualified firm that provides a cost effective and technically sound proposal as may be most advantageous to the City. As used in this RFP, the term “Selected Project and Construction Manager” shall mean the firm that the City enters into a contract for the project and construction management services required for the Program.






    1. PURPOSE‌


      The selected PM/CM will be required to perform the following pre-construction and construction services:

      Preconstruction/Design Phase Services will include, but not necessarily be limited to, working with the designated City team and be responsible for the preparation of any and all RFQ’s/RFP’s necessary to bring the City’s and Fire Department’s vison for both projects to fruition. This would also include the evaluation of construction drawings and specifications, collaboration with Architect and Engineers on facility design, value engineering, budget estimating, make recommendations on alternate designs and construction logistics, preliminary planning and scheduling, contractor de-scoping, and construction contract review.

      Construction Phase Services will include, but not necessarily be limited to, working with the designated City team and be responsible for the preparation of any and all RFQ’s/RFP’s necessary to bring the City’s and Fire Department’s vison for both projects to fruition. This would also include the critical path method (CPM) scheduling, including monthly updates, coordination of prime contractors, evaluation of change order requests, conducting bi-weekly construction contractor meetings, review and approval of contractor progress payment requests, cash flow forecasting, onsite construction oversight, and those tasks necessary to ensure contractor compliance with contract requirements.

      The services listed for both phases will also include, but may not be limited to the following for both Projects:


      • Architectural - Review and Manage Architectural / Engineering Design Process

      • Site Work – Review and Manage Geotechnical Soils Report. Phase I Report and Review with PA. DEP. Manage Site Layout during construction with providing Site Security during construction.

      • Ensuring that all applicable environmental concerns or conditions are addressed

      • Ensuring that all applicable zoning and planning considerations are addressed, such as: easements, setbacks, utilities, deed issues, signage, etc.

      • Ensuring that any and all applicable Federal, State, and City Laws, Codes, and Ordinances are being met

      • Ensure that any and all Historical reviews and requirements are addressed

      • Provide and Manage Design / Bidding and Construction Schedules with monthly updates

      • Review and Manage Design and Construction Cost, provide value engineering, to maintain City of Reading’s required budget.

      • Review and manage all Special Inspections for Soils Engineer, Concrete Testing, rebar placement, Structural Steel Bolting and welding, Spray on Fireproofing, etc.

      • Review and Manage, Scheduling and Reviewing the Shop Drawing Process, between Design and Construction.

      • Demolition

      • Plumbing

      • Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems

      • Review and Manage, all requests for RFI’s from all contractors to the designers. Track and Schedule deadlines for all RFI’s Responses.

      • Review and manager all changes orders from Contractors.

      • General Construction

      • Electrical

      • Mechanical

      • Furniture

      • Remediation

      • Telecommunications

      • Interior and exterior finishes

      • Review of Construction Contracts

      • Meetings with the City’s and Department’s Representatives in accordance with a schedule to be determined to ensure that the City and Department’s vision is being realized. Provide Bi-monthly design and construction meetings, during all phases of the project.

      • Development of all RFP’s at the direction of the City’s Representative “Building Committee”

      • Review of RFP’s and Contracts with the City’s Representatives

      • Any and all construction management services normally provided as necessary for the project.

      • With prior notice supplied, accompany the City and/or Department Representatives to any and all Public meetings and hearings.

      • Understanding of applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards including, but not limited to NFPA 1500 Health and Safety Chapter 9

        NFPA 1581 Infection Control Chapter 5 And FEMA FA-168




      Each Proposer shall submit one original, six paper copies and one electronic copy of its response to this RFP Phase I in a sealed envelope (the “Qualifications”). Such envelopes shall be clearly labeled as “Qualifications for Project/Construction Management for The Fire Department”.


      The Qualifications shall be delivered to the City Purchasing Coordinator, Room 2-45, City Hall, 815 Washington Street, Reading, PA, 19601 no later than 3:00 p.m. EDT, June 12, 2018 (the “Qualifications Opening”). Qualification packages received at the Office of the Purchasing Coordinator after the time specified may not be considered by the City.


      Under no circumstances shall a Proposer initiate contact regarding this RFP with any elected official or employee of the City except that any questions or correspondence related to this RFP must be submitted to:

        • Tammi Reinhart, Purchasing Coordinator, City of Reading

        • Phone: (610) 655-6207

                   Email: tammi.reinhart@readingpa.gov.




    Qualifications shall follow the following format (if the Proposer is a joint venture, please provide the information as it applies to each entity participating in the joint venture):


    1. Cover Letter


    2. Table of Contents


    3. Section 1: Proposer Profile (approximately three pages) Provide the following information:

      1. Name, business address of headquarters, telephone number, and website address;


      2. A primary contact for the Proposer, including name, job title, address, telephone and email address if different than above.


      3. Identify the office(s) where the majority of the work will be performed;


      4. Type of business organization (corporation, partnership, LLC, for profit or not for profit, etc.), federal taxpayer identification number or federal employer identification number; whether registered to do business in Pennsylvania, country and state of business formation, and number of years in business; and


      5. Provide a narrative overview of the Proposer’s primary business experience.


    4. Section 2: Relevant Experience & References


      1. The Proposer shall demonstrate that it has provided similar services to other clients with similar size facilities and treatment processes. If a sub-consultant’s experience is referenced in the Qualifications, it must be clearly identified as the experience of the particular sub-consultant. The Proposer shall include a summary of its construction management experience for multi-year, multi- phase projects that are similar in nature, size and scope to the Program. The Proposer should concisely highlight its breadth and depth of experience. It is suggested that a summary table be

        provided to present an overview of the Proposer’s experience with each of the following:


      2. The Proposer shall submit at least four client references (including names and phone numbers) and describe the relevant project(s) for such clients.


      3. The Proposer shall indicate its local knowledge and understanding.


      4. The Proposer shall identify if the County of Berks or any of the Contributing Municipalities (including any Authorities thereof) are current clients of the Proposer or any Subconsultants.


      5. The Proposer shall identify and briefly explain any actual or potential conflicts of interest that might result if the Proposer is selected by the City.


      6. A minimum of 10 years of Commercial Building Experience (Fire Station Experience preferred, but not required)


      7. Understanding of applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards including, but not limited to: NFPA 1500 Health and Safety Chapter, NFPA 1581 Infection Control Chapter 5 and FEMA FA-168.


    5. Section 3: Key Personnel


      As described below, this section should consist of an organization chart, summary table and requested résumés.


      The City is most interested in reviewing the qualifications of the key personnel being proposed for this Program that will actually be working on the Program. The Proposer shall provide an organization chart that identifies how the Proposer plans to staff the Program and the structure of the team. The organization chart should identify all personnel being proposed for the Program.


      For all proposed staff identified in the organization chart, the Proposer shall compile a table that identifies: employee name, title, firm, office location, highest education level, area of expertise, State or Commonwealth and type of License and years of experience and hourly billing rate.


      Each Proposer shall provide a résumé for the following individuals only (approximately two pages per person):


      1. Principal-in-Charge – Executive of the Construction Manager that will be responsible for overall performance of the Construction Manager’s services;

      2. Project Manager – An individual that provides the day-to-day contact that will be managing the overall effort;


      3. Deputy Project Manager – An individual that will be actively working on the Program and assisting the Construction Manager; and,


      4. Five additional résumés of team members critical to the success of the Program.


    6. Section 4: Proposed Subconsultants (approximately one page per subconsultant)


      Clearly and concisely identify all subcontractors the Prime Proposer intends to utilize for this Program. For each such subcontractor, provide:


      1. Name, business address of headquarters, telephone number, and website address;


      2. A statement of the work the Proposer intends the named subcontractor to provide;


      3. Identify the office(s) where the subconsultant work will be performed;


      4. Type of Business organization (corporation, partnership, LLC, for profit or not for profit, etc.), Federal taxpayer identification number or federal employer identification number; whether registered to do business in Pennsylvania, country and state or Commonwealth of business formation, and number of years in business; and,


      5. Provide an overview of the subconsultant’s primary business experience.


    7. Appendix A: Financial Capacity


      Provide documentation demonstrating fiscal solvency and financial capability to perform the work sought for this Program for the Proposer. Provide one or more of the following:


      • General statement of the Proposer’s financial condition; or

      • Proposer’s most recent audited or unaudited financial statements.


      Furthermore, the Proposer shall disclosure of any bankruptcy filings over the past five years.

    8. Appendix B: Defaults


      For the five year period preceding the date of this RFP Phase I, provide a detailed description of any situation in which the Proposer or subconsultant (either under a prime contract, partnership or joint venture) defaulted or was alleged to be in noncompliance of any contractual obligations, explaining the issues involved in the default, the outcome, and the actions taken by Proposer to resolve the matter. Provide the name, title and telephone number of the other party to the contract who asserted the event of default or noncompliance or the individual who managed the contract.


    9. Appendix C: Disclosure of Litigation or Administrative Proceedings


    For the five year period preceding the date of this RFP Phase I, provide a detailed description of any judicial or administrative proceeding that is material to Proposer’s business or financial capability or to the subject matter of the RFP, or that could interfere with Proposer’s performance of the work for the Program, including, but not limited to, any civil, criminal or bankruptcy litigation; any debarment or suspension proceeding; any criminal conviction or indictment; and any order or agreement with or issued by a court or local, state or federal agency. For each such proceeding, state the name of the case or proceeding, the parties involved, the nature of the claims involved, its current status and the final disposition, if any. Provide the same information for any officer, director, principal, or partner of Proposer’s organization, and for any subcontractor the Proposer plans to use to perform the services for the Program.




    By submitting the Qualifications, each Proposer certifies that it has read the complete RFP Phase I, understands the process, has an understanding of the Program scope, nature and quality of work to be performed associated with this Program, and accepts and agrees to all provisions set forth herein.


    After the Qualifications have been submitted to the City, communications related to this RFP and selection process shall be prohibited unless initiated by the appropriate City employee or agent in order to obtain information or clarification needed to develop a proper, accurate evaluation of the Qualifications.


    Any prohibited communications initiated by a Proposer may be grounds for disqualifying the offending Proposer from consideration and/or any future RFP.




      The City will evaluate the Qualifications to identify Proposers to be the most advantageous to the City, taking into consideration, without limitation, the evaluation factors set forth below:

      1. Experience and qualifications of the Selected Construction Management Team:


      2. Experience and past performance of the Team members on similar projects within the last ten years:


        1. The experience of the Team members in conducting projects of similar nature and complexity; and,


        2. The ability of the Proposer to draw on this experience to benefit the Program.


      3. Any other experience and/or criteria the City deems relevant.


      4. Financial and legal qualifications of the Proposer.


      5. Conflicts of Scope: The City views the performance of the Construction Management Services as a role separate and apart from the performance of the professional design services of any Specific Project currently in progress or pending and that acting in both roles would result in a conflict within the scope of performance. Therefore, the City may deem the design professional and its subconsultants engaged to perform professional design services on a Specific Project currently in progress or pending as not qualified to act as the Construction Manager.




      The City will review each submission for compliance with the qualifications and requirements set forth herein. Failure to comply with any requirements may disqualify a Proposal.


      The City may arrange for meetings or interviews with one or more of the Proposers to clarify any aspect of the Qualifications and to give a Proposer the opportunity to explain its credentials. The City will contact the Proposers selected for an interview with the date and time for their respective interviews.




      Firms short-listed through this Phase I process will be invited via the RFP Phase II to submit a Technical Proposal and Cost Proposal for the RFP.


      The full scope of services and a proposed contract will be provided in the Phase II process.




The City reserves and may, at its sole discretion, exercise the following rights with respect to this RFP and all Proposals submitted pursuant to this RFP:

  1. To reject all Proposals and re-issue the RFP at any time prior to execution of a final contract; to require, in any RFP for similar products and/or services that may be issued subsequent to this RFP, terms and conditions that are substantially different from the terms and conditions set forth in this RFP; or to cancel this RFP with or without issuing another RFP.


  2. To reject the submission of Qualifications or Proposal if, in the City’s sole discretion, the Qualifications or Proposal is incomplete, the Qualifications or Proposal is not responsive to the requirements of this RFP, the Proposer’s Qualifications do not meet the City’s needs, as determined by the City in its sole discretion, or it is otherwise in the best interest of the City to reject the Qualifications or Proposal.


  3. To supplement, amend, substitute, or otherwise modify this RFP at any time prior to the execution of a final contract.


  4. To accept or reject any or all of the items in any Proposal and award a contract for the whole or only a part of any Proposal if the City determines, in its sole discretion, that it is in the City’s best interest to do so.


  5. To reject the Qualifications or Proposal of any Proposer that, in the City’s sole judgment, has been delinquent or unfaithful in the performance of any contract with the City, is financially or technically incapable, or is otherwise not responsible.


  6. To waive any informality, defect, non-responsiveness, and/or deviation from this RFP that is not, in the City’s sole judgment, material to the Proposal.


  7. To permit or reject, at the City’s sole discretion, amendments (including information inadvertently omitted), modifications, alterations, and/or corrections to Proposals by one or more of the Proposers following Proposal submission.


  8. To request that one or more of the Proposers modify their Proposals including, but not limited to, to modify the pricing or to provide additional information or services until a Contract has been executed by the City.

  9. To request additional or clarifying information from any Proposer at any time, including information inadvertently omitted by a Proposer.


  10. To require that a Proposer appear for interviews and/or presentations of their Qualifications or Proposal at City offices.


  11. To inspect projects similar in type and scope to the work sought in this RFP.


  12. To conduct such investigations as the City considers appropriate with respect to the qualifications of any Proposer and with respect to the information contained in any Proposal.






Must disclose all of the above information upon proposal in addition to the following upon the rewarding of the contract.


Note: The purpose of this form is to facilitate disclosure requirements under Act 44.


  1. Person or affiliated entity with a Professional Services Contract must disclose the following information about any contributions of an aggregate of $500 or more made within the past five years to a public official or candidate for public office in the Commonwealth, or political action committee for the official or candidate:


    Name of Contributor_________________ Address of Contributor___________________



    Contributor’s relationship to the Contractor___________________


    Name of person receiving Contribution________________________


    His/Her office or position________________________________


    Contribution amount Date________________________________


  2. Must disclose any gifts made to a City official or employee:


    A gift was made to______________ on_________________ for______________

    by___________________________ (attach additional sheets if necessary).


  3. Disclosure of the employment retention of any third-party intermediary, agent or lobbyist hired to directly or indirectly communicate with City official or employee, and duties of said intermediary:

    __________Of ___________________was employed by___________________ for the period of_______________

    . While employed, he/she was responsible for the following duties




  4. Must disclose any financial relationship.




    A disclosure is required in order to submit a proposal or enter into a Professional Service Contract for the Municipal Pension. Please use a separate disclosure form for each Person providing or proposing to provide services to the City.



      1. Information of each individual (including advisors or subcontractors) who will be providing professional services to the Township:

        Name Title Current or former Official or employee of municipality yes no Registered Federal or State Lobbyist yes no

        Employed or compensated by a third-party intermediary, agent or lobbyist to directly or indirectly communicate with a City official or employee in connection with any transaction or investment involving the Contractor or Municipal Pension:

        Yes no

        Description of Responsibilities of each individual providing services under the contract:




        Please attach resume of each person intending to provide service to the Municipal Pension.

      2. Disclosure of all Contributions:

        A Contribution of $ was made to

        on for

        by (attach additional sheet if necessary).


      3. Compliance with conflict of interest one-year restriction requirements:

        1. Has there been participation by a former employee of the potential contractor in the review of a proposal or negotiation of a Professional Service Contract with the Contractor? Yes No

        2. Has there been participation by a former employee of the Municipal Pension in the submission of a proposal or the performance of a Professional Service Contract? Yes No



i. Must annually disclose all Contributions:

A Contribution of was made to

on for by . (use additional forms if necessary)





  1. This Non-Collusion Affidavit is material to any contract pursuant to this bid. According to the Pennsylvania Antibid-Rigging Act, 73 P.S. 1611 et seg., governmental agencies may require Non-Collusion Affidavits to be submitted together with bids.


  2. This Non-Collusion Affidavit must be executed by the member officer, or employee of the bidder who is authorized to legally bind the bidder.


  3. Bid rigging and other efforts to restrain competition, and the making of false sworn statements in connection with the submission of bids are unlawful and may be subject to criminal prosecution. The person who signs the Affidavit should examine it carefully before signing and assure himself or herself that each statement is true and accurate, making diligent inquiry, as necessary, of all other persons employed by or associated with the bidder with responsibilities for the preparation, approval or submission of the bid.


  4. In the case of a bid submitted by a joint venture, each party to the venture must be identified in the bid documents, and an Affidavit must be submitted separately on behalf of each party.


  5. The term “complementary bid” as used in the Affidavit has the meaning commonly associated with that term in the bidding process, and includes the knowing submission of bids higher than the bid of another firm, any intentionally high or noncompetitive bid, and any form of bid submitted for the purpose of giving a false appearance of competition.


  6. Failure to file an Affidavit in compliance with these instructions will result in disqualification of the bid.




    State of


    County of


    , being first duly sworn, deposes and says that:


    1. He/She is (Owner, Partner, Officer, Representative or Agent)


      of , the Bidder that has submitted the attached Bid or Bids;


    2. He/She is fully informed respecting the preparation and contents of the attached Bid and of all pertinent circumstances respecting such Bid;


    3. Such Bid is genuine and is not a collusive or sham Bid;


    4. Neither the said Bidder nor any of its officers; partners, owners, agents, representatives, employees or parties in interest, including this affiant, has in any way colluded, conspired, connived or agreed, directly or indirectly, with any other Bidder, firm or person to submit a collusive or sham Bid in connection with the Contract for which the attached Bid has been submitted or to refrain from bidding in connection with such Contract, or has in any manner, directly or indirectly, sought by agreement or collusion or communication of conference with any other Bidder, firm or person to fix the price or prices in the attached Bid or of any other Bidder, or to fix any overheld profit or cost element of the Bid price or the Bid price of any other Bidder, or to secure through any collusion, conspiracy, connivance or unlawful agreement any advantage against the City of Reading or any person interested in the proposed Contract;


    5. The price or prices quoted in the attached Bid are fair and proper and are not tainted by any collusion, conspiracy, connivance or unlawful agreement on the part of the Bidder or any of its agents, representatives, owners, employees, or parties in interest, including this affiant; and,


    6. Neither the said Bidder nor any of its officers, partners, owners, agents or parties in interest, have any interest, present or prospective, that can be reasonably construed to result in a conflict of interest between them and the City of Reading, which the Bidder will be required to perform.

I state that understands

(Name of Firm)


and acknowledges that the above representations are material and important, and will be relied on by the City of Reading in awarding the Contract(s) for which this Bid is submitted. I understand and my firm understands that any misstatement in this Affidavit is and shall be treated as fraudulent concealment from the City of Reading of the true facts relating to the submission of bids for this Contract.



(Name and Company Position)





Notary Public

My Commission Expires:




Provider hereby certifies and represents that Provider and Provider’s parent company(ies) and subsidiary(ies) are not currently indebted to the City of Reading (the “City”), and will not at any time during the term of this Contract (including any extensions or renewals thereof) be indebted to the City, for or on account of any delinquent taxes, liens, judgments, fees or other debts for which no written agreement or payment plan satisfactory to the City has been established. In addition to any other rights or remedies available to the City at law or in equity, Provider acknowledges that any breach or failure to conform to this certification may, at the option of the City, result in the withholding of payments otherwise due to Provider and, if such breach or failure is not resolved to the City’s satisfaction within a reasonable time frame specified by the City in writing, may result in the offset of any such indebtedness against said payments and/or the termination of this Contract for default (in which case Provider shall be liable for all excess costs and other damages resulting from the termination).



  1. Name of Provider



  2. Authorized Signatory



  3. President or Vice President





The undersigned hereby certifies that it shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. The undersigned shall take affirmative action to insure that applicants for employment are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.