RFQ- Plumbing and Piping Parts Rebid

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Plumbing and Piping Parts

Wastewater Treatment Plant/Public Works - Public Buildings Division

City of Reading, Pennsylvania



Request for Qualifications

List of Qualified Plumbing and Piping Parts Vendors that supply plumbing and piping parts for the City of Reading’s Wastewater Treatment Plant and Public Works Public Buildings Division.


City of Reading

815 Washington St.

Reading, PA 19601




The City of Reading is requesting Qualifications for the purpose of retaining a list of interested companies/vendors supply plumbing and piping parts for the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant and Public Works Public Buildings Division as described in this RFQ.


Date Issued: 8/19/2019

Questions Due: 8/27/19

Addendum: 9/3/19

Date Due: 9/12/2019


All questions are to be directed in writing to: Juanita Komoro

Purchasing Assistant



Request for Qualifications

Vendor List for supplying plumbing and piping parts for the City of Reading’s

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Public Works Public Buildings Division


Interested vendors shall submit a response to this RFQ by _9_/_12_/_2019_. The goal of this RFQ is to compile a list of companies/vendors that can provide Plumbing Parts, Piping. This would be on an as and/or when needed basis for January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2022. This use of this list may be extended for 2 additional 1 year terms at the City of Reading’s discretion.


The list will be used by the Wastewater Department and Public Works Public Buildings Division as and when needed to provide suppling plumbing parts and piping parts that consist of the following types;

  • PVC SHC 40 and 80 piping from 1/8’’ to 8’’, bushings, reducers, check valves, needle valves, 45’s, 90’s, T’s, ball valves, unions, couplings, PVC Primer/ Glue etc.

  • Stainless Steel piping from 1/8’’ to 8’’, bushings, reducers, check valves, needle valves, 45’s, 90’s, T’s, ball valves, unions, couplings, etc.

  • Black pipe piping from 1/8’’ to 8’’, bushings, reducers, check valves, needle valves, 45’s, 90’s, T’s, ball valves, unions, couplings, etc.

  • Copper tubing from 1/8’’ to 8’’, bushings, reducers, and check valves, needle valves, 45’s, 90’s, T’s, ball valves, unions, couplings, etc.

  • Brass fittings and valves

  • Plumbing fixtures, faucets, spigots, shut off valves toilet and urinal fittings and parts.

  • Plumbing supplies plumber’s dope, tape, tools, flux soldering supplies etc.

  • Small electric submersible pumps.

  • Hoses and clamps, pipe hangers

  • Various other plumbing and piping supplies.


It is understood a single company may not provide all listed plumbing and piping parts and proposals are to include a list of other supplies companies may provide.

Qualification Criteria


The response to this RFQ shall incorporate adequate information as detailed below for the City’s selection committee to evaluate the vendor’s ability to perform the required service being requested. To expedite the review process, please organize the information in the order listed below, with the submission not to exceed 25 pages in length. This evaluation is strictly for company/vendor qualifications.

Please submit five (5) sealed and bound copies of the company/vendor’s qualifications with the notation of Plumbing and Piping Parts – Wastewater Treatment Plant/Public Works – Public Buildings Division detailed below to:

Tammi Reinhart, Purchasing Coordinator

City of Reading

Purchasing Division

815 Washington St., Rm 2-45

Reading, PA 19601

The response shall address company/vendor specific information as listed below:

  • Provide general company/vendor information including location of business, total number of employees, and number of years the company/vendor has been performing diagnosis maintenance and repairs.

  • Proof of Liability Insurance

  • Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Provide listing of hourly rates for normal business hours

  • Provide listing of after-hours and holiday emergency service rates

  • Provide a list of travel time or expenses if applicable

  • Provide an explanation of which listed pumps are serviceable by the company. Notice of Acceptance

Upon acceptance the company/vendor will be notified that they have been accepted and placed on the list. Acceptance does not guarantee that they will be contacted for service, the City of Reading Wastewater Treatment Plant and Public Works Public Buildings Division may use any of the accepted companies/vendors on the list.

As described previously, this list may, at the City’s discretion, be extended for an additional 2 – 1 year terms, and the City will notify those on the list of the extension at such time.



  1. This Non-Collusion Affidavit is material to any contract pursuant to this bid. According to the Pennsylvania Antibid-Rigging Act, 73 P.S. 1611 et seg., governmental agencies may require Non- Collusion Affidavits to be submitted together with bids.

  2. This Non-Collusion Affidavit must be executed by the member officer, or employee of the bidder who is authorized to legally bind the bidder.

  3. Bid rigging and other efforts to restrain competition, and the making of false sworn statements in connection with the submission of bids are unlawful and may be subject to criminal prosecution. The person who signs the Affidavit should examine it carefully before signing and assure himself or herself that each statement is true and accurate, making diligent inquiry, as necessary, of all other persons employed by or associated with the bidder with responsibilities for the preparation, approval or submission of the bid.

  4. In the case of a bid submitted by a joint venture, each party to the venture must be identified in the bid documents, and an Affidavit must be submitted separately on behalf of each party.

  5. The term “complementary bid” as used in the Affidavit has the meaning commonly associated with that term in the bidding process, and includes the knowing submission of bids higher than the bid of another firm, any intentionally high or noncompetitive bid, and any form of bid submitted for the purpose of giving a false appearance of competition.

  6. Failure to file an Affidavit in compliance with these instructions will result in disqualification of the bid.


State of_______________________________


County of______________________________


_____________________________________, being first duly sworn, deposes and says that:

  1. He/She is___________________________-


                    (Owner, Partner, Officer, Representative or Agent)

    of________________________ , the Bidder that has submitted the attached Bid or Bids;

  2. He/She is fully informed respecting the preparation and contents of the attached Bid and of all pertinent circumstances respecting such Bid;

  3. Such Bid is genuine and is not a collusive or sham Bid;

  4. Neither the said Bidder nor any of its officers; partners, owners, agents, representatives, employees or parties in interest, including this affiant, has in any way colluded, conspired, connived or agreed, directly or indirectly, with any other Bidder, firm or person to submit a collusive or sham Bid in connection with the Contract for which the attached Bid has been submitted or to refrain from bidding in connection with such Contract, or has in any manner, directly or indirectly, sought by agreement or collusion or communication of conference with any other Bidder, firm or person to fix the price or prices in the attached Bid or of any other Bidder, or to fix any overheld profit or cost element of the Bid price or the Bid price of any other Bidder, or to secure through any collusion, conspiracy, connivance or unlawful agreement any advantage against the City of Reading or any person interested in the proposed Contract;

  5. The price or prices quoted in the attached Bid are fair and proper and are not tainted by any collusion, conspiracy, connivance or unlawful agreement on the part of the Bidder or any of its agents, representatives, owners, employees, or parties in interest, including this affiant; and,

  6. Neither the said Bidder nor any of its officers, partners, owners, agents or parties in interest, have any interest, present or prospective, that can be reasonably construed to result in a conflict of interest between them and the City of Reading, which the Bidder will be required to perform.

I state that___________________________________ understands

                                    (Name of Firm)

and acknowledges that the above representations are material and important, and will be relied on by the City of Reading in awarding the Contract(s) for which this Bid is submitted. I understand and my firm understands that any misstatement in this Affidavit is and shall be treated as fraudulent concealment from the City of Reading of the true facts relating to the submission of bids for this Contract.




(Name and Company Position)



BEFORE ME THIS_________________________ DAY

OF_____________ , 20_______



____________________My Commission Expires:


Notary Public


Provider hereby certifies and represents that Provider and Provider’s parent company(ies) and subsidiary(ies) are not currently indebted to the City of Reading (the “City”), and will not at any time during the term of this Contract (including any extensions or renewals thereof) be indebted to the City, for or on account of any delinquent taxes, liens, judgments, fees or other debts for which no written agreement or payment plan satisfactory to the City has been established. In addition to any other rights or remedies available to the City at law or in equity, Provider acknowledges that any breach or failure to conform to this certification may, at the option of the City, result in the withholding of payments otherwise due to Provider and, if such breach or failure is not resolved to the City’s satisfaction within a reasonable time frame specified by the City in writing, may result in the offset of any such indebtedness against said payments and/or the termination of this Contract for default (in which case Provider shall be liable for all excess costs and other damages resulting from the termination).




Name of Provider      




                           Authorized Signatory




              President or Vice President








The undersigned hereby certifies that it shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. The undersigned shall take affirmative action to insure that applicants for employment are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.














WHEREAS, the undersigned has entered into a contract with the CITY OF READING, dated

___________, 20 __, providing for the__________________________


__________________________________--City of Reading, Pennsylvania.


NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the award of said contract to the undersigned,

_____________, as well as in further consideration of the sum of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) in hand paid to the said_____________ by the City of Reading, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the said agrees to indemnify and save harmless the CITY OF READING, its officers, agents, servants, and employees against any and all loss, damage, costs and expenses which the said CITY may hereafter suffer, incur, be put to or pay by reason of any bodily injury (including death) or damage to property arising out of any act or omission in performance of the work undertaken under the aforesaid contract.


EXECUTED this______________ day of_____________ , 20________ .


















WHEREAS, ,___________________ hereinafter called the CONTRACTOR, has entered into a CONTRACT, dated____________ , 20 _, with


hereinafter called the CITY, to provide materials and perform labor necessary for the manufacture and furnishing of the:






as set forth in the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS as prepared by the City of Reading.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby stipulated and agreed by and between the said parties, as part of the said CONTRACT, and for the consideration therein set forth, that neither the undersigned CONTRACTOR, any SUBCONTRACTOR or material man, nor any other person furnishing labor or materials to the said CONTRACTOR under this CONTRACT shall file a lien, commonly called a mechanic's lien, for WORK done or materials furnished for the above manufacture.

This stipulation is made and shall be filed with the Berks County Prothonotary within ten (10) days after execution, in accordance with the requirements of Section 1402 of the Mechanics Lien Law of 1963 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in such case provided.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused the signature of their proper officers to be affixed thereto on this day of 20 _.