New recycle cartsMeet your new Recycling Cart!

If you live in an area of the City where recycling is collected on Mondays (see map below) you will be receiving a new recycling cart in September. With it will be an information packet to help you recycle more and trash less! Read below to learn important information about the program.





What You Need to Know:

Your recycling cart will be delivered during the week of September 17th-21st. On the following Monday, September 24th, you will begin using your new recycling cart and should no longer use your old square or round recycling containers. Please place the old containers outside, empty, and we will collect them. Additionally:

·      Two different sizes of carts will be delivered, based on the size of your property. 

·      There will be a 60 day trial period, during which we will not switch your cart for a different size. 

.       Leave your old bin out to be out to be picked up with your regular recycling on the week of September 24th. The City may be able to reuse the old bin, or recycle damaged ones.

·      If you have a disability or severe injury, and cannot use the recycling cart, call the Citizen’s Service Center at 1-877-727-3234

·      Other than a new cart, recycling will not be affected. You can still recycle “The Big 5” materials.

Letter from The Mayor (English) (Spanish)

Recycling Flyer  (English) (Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions (English) (Spanish)

Please see our full list of frequently asked questions in English and Spanish. Below are a few key questions you may have:

Why Recycling Carts?

Recycling carts will increase the space available for residents to recycle. They come with an attached lid which will help reduce litter by preventing your recycling from blowing into the street. Wheels, handles, and a sturdy design will make handling your recycling easier than ever. 

Why only part of the city?

This is a pilot program. The City hopes to extend the program to the entire City after testing it on the Monday route.  The Monday route was chosen for three important reasons:

1.    Monday route residents recycle 25% more than the rest of the city - residents need more space

2.    Monday is the smallest route, which is ideal for a pilot program

3.    Storage space is not as big of a concern in these areas as in other city neighborhoods

I do not want this cart OR I need a different size

We are asking all residents to keep their new recycling cart for 60 days. If, after that time, you still cannot use the cart you received, please call the Citizen’s Service Center at 1-877-727-3234.

Unveiling of the Recycle Cart Pilot Program:

Mayor Wally Scott, The People’s Mayor, unveiled the City’s new recycling cart pilot program along with Councilwoman Lucine Sihelnik, community resident Tanya Melendez, and Sustainability Manager Kevin Lugo on September 12, 2018. The new carts will arrive, along with information, the week of September 17th for all homes with City recycling collected on Mondays.