Reading Redevelopment Authority Minutes 02/21/18

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The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Reading held a meeting at 815 Washington Street, Room 2-53 in the City of Reading, County of Berks, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on 21st day of February, 2018.


The meeting was called to order at 3:06 p.m. by Mr. Heinly, Chairman and on roll call, the following were present:


Mr. Chris Heinly, Chairman

Mr. Melvyn Jacobson, Member

Mr. Juan Zabala, Member




Mr. Dan Luckey, Vice-Chairman

Also present were:

Mr. Adam Mukerji, Executive Director

Mr. Dennis Witwer, Executive Assistant

Mr. Keith Money, Barley, Snyder

Mr. J.D. Turner, Holistic Skate Shop, proprietor

Mr. John Coles, Reading Skateboard Association

Ms. Lynne Burns

Mr. Frank Fields

Mr. Michael Camerano, Esq.


Upon roll call, Mr. Witwer declared a quorum.


Parcel 32 – Skate Park:


Members of the Reading Skateboard Association (R.S.A.) presented the board a concept rendering of the proposed Skate Park to be built at Parcel 32. The concept rendering was designed by Grindline.


Mr. Mukerji and Mr. Turner both stated that the plan to use a site down on River St. was not feasible due to underground pipelines. The location at Parcel 32 is an ideal spot for its size and location.


Mr. Turner stated that the association contacted PA-1 call to mark any underground utilities and have been given the go ahead for construction.


The board discussed the concept with the team from R.S.A. and were all very impressed with the rendering. It was explained that lights and a live cam, which will allow people to watch the skate park from the internet would be installed at the site.


Mr. Turner asked the board to execute a M.O.U. for site control so that the association could start its due diligence and start applying for grants so that they can start to move forward with construction.


Mr. Jacobson asked if they have looked into applying for all the necessary permits from zoning and planning. Mr. Turner stated that they have started the process.


Mr. Camerano and Mr. Mooney discussed the legal aspects of the project and preparing the M.O.U. and a lease. They also talked about proper insurance coverage to include a Holds Harmless clause for the RRA.


The board stated that they would give R.S.A. eighteen months for land development and authorized Mr. Mooney to finalize the M.O.U. and Lease agreement.


Riverview Industrial Park:


Mr. Mukerji presented the board with a proposal of purchase for the 50 acres known as the Riverview Industrial Park, for the amount of $1.6 mm. The developer offering purchase is J&A Court, LLC.


Mr. Zabala asked if this was the same company who purchased the Bookbindery Apartments. Mr. Mukerji said, yes.


Mr. Heinly asked to be reminded of the current asking price for the land. Mr. Mukerji stated it was currently listed at $3.250mm.


Mr. Jacobson stated that before he would agree to sell the land, he would want to see the asking price lowered to $2.250mm and see if there are any other offers and or have Mr. Mukerji negotiate the price with J&A Court, LLC. The board agreed with Mr. Jacobson and authorized Mr. Mukerji to lower the asking price for the land.


Mr. Mukerji stated that he would contact the sales agent, Mr. Kent Wroble and have the price adjusted while Mr. Mooney stated that he would contact the solicitor for J&A to advise of the sale price.


615-R Kenhorst Blvd.


Mr. Mukerji had updated the board on the phase II environmental report from Liberty Environmental. He said that there was no findings. He stated that the buyer is still concerned about lead paint and asbestos inside the building.


Mr. Heinly asked how the board should proceed. Mr. Mukerji stated that he would contact the Navy representative who work on the negotiations when RRA took over the property and find out the logistics as to how to move forward.


Greening Penn Street:


Mr. Mukerji stated that this project is no longer moving forwarded and said that the E.P.A. needs to be informed that the city administration is not supporting the efforts to make the improvements to the downtown corridor.


At this time, Mr. Mooney announced that the RRA board held an executive session on 31st January 2018 in the offices of Mr. Heinly and no action was taken at this meeting.


Executive Session:


At this time the board entered into an executive session to discuss administrative matters. No motions were made.


There being no further business to be brought before the board, Mr. Jacobson made a motion to adjourn the meeting; all members were in favor.


Respectfully submitted by:


                                                                                   Executive Assistant