Mission: To “exist and operate for the public purposes of the elimination of blighted areas through economically and socially sound redevelopment of such areas, as provided by this act, in conformity with the comprehensive general plan of their respective municipalities for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial or other purposes, and other wise encouraging the provision of healthful homes, a decent living environment and adequate places of employment of the people of this Commonwealth.”

Meetings: Third Thursday of the Month 5:00 p.m. Redevelopment Conf Room

Liaison: Dennis Witwer, 610-655-6025

Resolutions No. 18-50 and 31-50. Letter to appoint Act 385, P.L. 991-1945

Term: One member per year - all terms expire 1/1

Mayor 5 Members 5 Year Term  
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Mel Jacobson 07/24/2017   12/31/2022
Wellington Santana 05/15/2019   12/31/2023
Lazaro Pepen 02/13/2019   12/31/2024
Juan Zabala 05/22/2017   12/31/2022
Noah Wilson 08/14/2019   12/31/2023