To protect and maintain the public health, safety, and general welfare door to door solicitation and canvassing is regulated by the City of Reading Police Department. The City of Reading prohibits any person or organization from conducting solicitations and canvassing of residences without a permit. It shall be a violation of this ordinance to engage in solicitation and canvassing without a permit. Parties engaging in door to door solicitation must carry their permit while they solicit door to door.   No solicitation or canvassing shall be allowed before 9:00 a.m.  or after 7 p.m. The Solicitation Permit shall contain the neighborhoods where the solicitation activity can occur. 

Please ask all parties soliciting door to door to produce a copy of their permit.  Copies of valid permits can be viewed in this section of the City’s website.  Violations should be reported as quickly as possible to the police at 610 655 6116.  If you would like to deter solicitation activities at your home, please print the No Solicitation sign attached to place in your front window.

These regulations do no apply to recognized youth organizations including school sponsored clubs; canvassing conducted by political candidates for public office, their workers or representatives from political parties; solicitation of donations by mail, either the solicitation of money or canvassing, as otherwise defined herein, from personal acquaintances of the person engaging in the activity, persons who solicit for or on behalf of religious organizations, or in pursuit of religious beliefs and activities. A permit is not required for any solicitation or canvassing activity sponsored or conducted by City of Reading or its departments and agencies, nor by any municipality or government agency in the City, such as firefighter or police department.

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