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Quality of Life Ordinance

The purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the City by helping to create a clean environment for the citizens of Reading

In order to keep the City of Reading clean, safe, and a great place to live, we are asking the help of you, the citizens. There are 23 Qualify of Life Ordinances that, if followed, will help maintain the City. We have included a list of these violations for your review. If you are in violation of any of these please fix the violation immediately.

The City no longer issues warnings. If violations are spotted by our inspectors, a picture will be taken and a fine will be sent. If there are reasons that you find the ticket unjust, appeals can be heard. Appeals are scheduled on Thursdays. If you would like to appeal, please follow the directions on the ticket. If the appeals is granted, the City will refund your money.

Quality of Life Ticket Ordinances will benefit everyone. This will help keep the City clean, but only if we all do our part.

If you have any questions regarding this matter or if you see a Quality of Life Violation, please contact the Citizen Service Center at

Violation number for Quality of Life Ticket OrdinanceBrief description of violations for Quality of Life Ticket Ordinance
QOL-001Accumulation of rubbish or garbage
QOL-002Animal maintenance and waste/feces clean-up
QOL-003Disposal of rubbish or garbage/Dumping
QOL-004High weeds, grass or plant growth
QOL-005Littering or scattering rubbish
QOL-006It shall be unlawful to store, park or place any unregistered, uninspected, inoperative, unlicensed or nuisance motor vehicle on any premises. Etc......
QOL-007Operating a food cart illegally
QOL-008Operating or vending without the proper permit/license
QOL-009Outside placement of indoor appliances/furniture
QOL-010Ownership presumption of waste, trash and/or recyclables for illegal dumping and illegal hauling
QOL-011Placement or littering by private advertising matter
QOL-012Lack of removal of Snow and ice from sidewalks
QOL-013Storing containers for waste or trash in public view
QOL-014Storing or discarding of appliances on the exterior of the premises
QOL-015Storing of hazardous material in an unauthorized location
QOL-016Storing of recyclables in an unauthorized manner
QOL-017Storing or serving of potentially hazardous food
QOL-018Swimming pools shall be maintained in good repair at all times. Etc......
QOL-019Violating the terms of any vending license
QOL-020Failing to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness for any exterior work in Historic District
QOL-021Failing to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness for a visible satellite dish in Historic District
QOL-022Failing to have a licensed trash/recycling hauler
QOL-023Unregistered dumpster

City of Reading

815 Washington Street
Reading, PA 19601

(877) 727-3234

Chapter 5, Code Enforcement

Bill No. 28-2010, An Ordinance
Bill No. 2-2011, An Ordinance
Bill No. 39-2011A, An Ordinance

Enacted as of February 14, 2011

Subject to Change